Happy Holidays from Uvulittle Records

Happy Holidays from Uvulittle Records

Uvulittle Records News
Sun, Dec 6, 2015


Got some year-end news for you…

1. Holiday Deal
2. Great gift list
3. Help Stephanie Rearick plan her 2016 tours
4. Fun


1. Holiday Deal

Holiday Deal thru Dec 21 - Buy any non-digital product (CDs, shirts, panties, decks of cards, etc) and get a free bonus CD. Yeah!


2. Great gift list

** Deck of Cards Art Project - 70+ artists!

** Ritt Deitz - Small Blue Green Letter - Ritt’s newest folk release!

** Stephanie Rearick - every thing everything - Stephanie covers a lot of ground on this one! Piano, trumpet, looping, great lyrics and etc.

** Ladyscissors - Glitterbox - Doo-wop inspired rock from Madison, WI’s Ladyscissors!

** Ladyscissors - Panties - For the sensual fan

** Maestro Subgum and the Whole - Box Set
We still have numbered boxes available. This is the ultimate collection for any Maestro Subgum fan.

3. Help Stephanie Rearick plan her 2016 tours

Stephanie is changing her work life around to allow her to travel more in 2016. She is looking for suggestions, worldwide.

- Festivals to play
- Venues to play. Ones with pianos are ideal! And generally, rock clubs or art spaces.
- Musicians or other artists to share bills with
- People who might want to help with promotion

If you have suggestions for her, send her an email at steph@stephanierearick.com

4. For fun, a couple videos

Ladyscissors - Down Down Down

Ritt Deitz - Chicago

Stephanie Rearick - The Book

Thanks for reading and for supporting independent musicians!

Happy Holidays!

Jon Hain
Uvulittle Records