new GJP disc! IBO dusts off the mothballs!!

new GJP disc! IBO dusts off the mothballs!!

Barry Bennett Impending News
Tue, Feb 28, 2017

Hello beautifuls!

Things are happening!! Things will continue to happenn!! YOUR support makes it all possible!! Thanks!!
after all these years I still love an exclamation point...

** Grape Juice Plus' new album!

it's true. The Simian Syndrome is upon us. It's pretty pretty pretty good. :) don't take my word for it. DAVIDLY (MiLkBabY co-founder ) had this to say..."pleasing to the soul through the ears"
very Davidly :)

** Impending Behavior Orchestra Dusts off the Mothballs on Sunday!

I can't remember the last time IBO rumbled into action. That all changes on sunday in Berwyn.
Tony Churchill, our beloved GJP projectionist, will improvise with some of the finest in the modern dance world to the music of The Simian Syndrome. The event will be filmed in an effort to garner footage for Tony to create music videos for the songs on the record.
Thank you to 16TH STREET THEATER for hosting this event! Their blurb info is below...

** Sunday March 5th ** 5:30pm **16th Street Theater 6420 W 16th st** free **

The Impending Behavior Orchestra dances The Simian Syndrome

join us for an informal performance / video shoot with modern dancers and projectionists improvising to Grape Juice Plus' new album, The Simian Syndrome. 

 lend your energy to footage that will be used to create videos from this 30 min experiment!

featuring 16th street artists, Barry Bennett, Tony Churchill, and Mindy Meyers plus Adriana Durant and Kristina Fluty bringing a unique treat to 16th Street patrons.


Thats it gentle reader.
I'll be talking to you soon with announcement about a little music festival!