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June 16th! Outtaspace! Be a space ape with Grape Juice Plus!

June 16th! Outtaspace! Be a space ape with Grape Juice Plus!

Barry Bennett Impending News
Thu, Jun 8, 2017

Hello Beautifuls...

I'm on an Amtrak as I type this.  Something creepy and inspiring about stirring awake in a dark train yard somewhere in Ohio.  The world slides by my window as pop in and out...sorta like a GJP show :)

I wonder about my Japanese seat mate.  He's been the Train for month! Coast to Coast!

Anyhoo,  I digress...

YOU! Yes, you!  You, on the water skis!

Are invited to....

Get Simian with your favorite space rockonaughts, the mighty Grape Juice Plus featuring a special set from songwriter, JESSICA BULLOCK at OuttaSpace! if you remember Jessica from the last time she did a show with us, you know you wanna get there early on...


GRAPE JUICE PLUS  w/ Jessica Bullock 


6840 32nd St. ** Berwyn, Baby! 

$5 ** music after 9

please come, it ain't a show without YOU!!


Head space ape


Remember you can pick up Grape Juice Plus' new album, The Simian  Syndrome anytime!  Here are some links to help you...



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