Barry meets Jerry... BBS @ Jerry's Wicker Park!!!

Barry meets Jerry... BBS @ Jerry's Wicker Park!!!

Barry Bennett Impending News
Thu, May 29, 2014

beautiful peeps!!!

can you believe it?!?! summer...
on the count of threee, everyone leave the house. come on, your on this list because you left the house, and in much worse weather, soooooooooooo

i will see you on THURSDAY!?!?! one short week from when you received this...

THURS JUNE 5TH **Barry Bennett Sounds (solo electric) ** JERRY’S 1938 W. Division Chicago ** BBS @ 9pm sharp, followed by The Janitor & the Bum + Regifted Gold Cordurois ** $8

OK all you wicker park, humboldt park, logan square, flying saucer people! all you – work on the weekends and get my culture and drinking done during the week-people! THIS ONE IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU! i have actually spent a few nights enjoying mid week culture and drink at Jerry’s and have always found it pleasurable. This is the first time i get to help supply the culture part of the evening @ Jerry’s… come on out!


thanks for making my dreams come true. just like Napolean Dynamite....

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