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New Releases - Maestro Subgum / Stephanie Rearick Jr. / Etc.

New Releases - Maestro Subgum / Stephanie Rearick Jr. / Etc.

Uvulittle Records News
Mon, Apr 22, 2013


As always, here's some info about our recent and current releases.

1. Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box Set
2. Stephanie Rearick Jr. new CD Dreamworld and tour dates
3. Black Dot
4. Upcoming releases
5. Thanks!


1. Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box Set

Music with Teeth for People with Gums...
This fantastically creative rock/cabaret band out of Chicago is long gone, releasing their last album in 1995. Their eight studio albums have been out of print for way too long.

To remedy that, Uvulittle Records has re-mastered and has re-released all the original albums plus previously unavailable live and studio material.

We printed 100 numbered copies. Each box contains all 8 original Maestro Subgum and the Whole albums and a "Rares" CD containing some of the best of the previously unreleased tracks from the archive. Box buyers also get access to the on-line archive of live and unreleased recordings. The albums are also available individually and as downloads.

Lots of streaming sample songs on our website.

A Diamond in the Dumpster
A Soft Fist in a Hard Place
Stormin' and a Fever
Hot Ol' Wadda
Jiggle the Constable
Lost Lost Lost
At the Wart Hog Museum
Don't Flirt
Maestro Subgum Online Archive

The box itself is a lovely pine box with the Maestro logo burned on the front. Madison fans can get them at B-Side and MadCity Music.



2. Stephanie Rearick Jr. new CD Dreamworld and tour dates

Stephanie Rearick Jr. - on casio, voice, loops and trumpet. Stephanie Rearick takes her classical/cabaret/pop in a beatier, bouncier direction. We are now doing pre-orders for Dreamworld. We will mail pre-orders on the same day we get them back from the duplicator which *should* be April 25. All pre-orders get instant access to the album as a digital download.

Listen to a few of the tracks and buy it here:

CD Release Shows

** Friday, May 10 - Madison - Dragonfly - 9:30pm w/ Faun Fables and Bucky Pope.

** Tuesday, May 14 - Chicago - Double Door - 7:30pm - w /The Crooked Mouth, Daniel and the Lion, Elvisbride

** We are currently booking shows throughout the United States for July through October. Please get in touch if you are able to help set up a show.


3. Black Dot

Barry Bennett's new band (with Edward Reardon and Jason Kunesh) has a couple Chicago shows planned.

** Sunday, April 28 - Chicago - Reggie's - 8:30pm

** Friday, May 31 - Chicago - Cigars & Stripes 9pm


4. Upcoming releases

Later this year: The Crooked Mouth, Susan and Richard Thomas, Ritt Deitz, Black Sparkle Galaxy…


5. Thanks!

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for supporting original music!

Stop by our website to listen to what we're up to.

Jon Hain
Uvulittle Records

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