May Music Update

May Music Update

Uvulittle Records News
Fri, May 13, 2011


Music! 2011 is shaping up to be a good year here at Uvulittle Records. We've revamped our website to enable digital downloads. We just put out a new CD by Ritt Deitz and we've got a couple more discs in the pipeline.

1. New Ritt Deitz CD, Pop, available as a free download

We are pretty excited about Ritt's new CD, Pop.

Ritt invited friends and family into the studio and recorded a disc that pops, funks and slinks through classic rock hooks and jams. Primarily known as a folk singer-songwriter in the vein of Willy Porter or Greg Brown, this album moves him solidly into the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen zone. Not so much a departure as an evolution.

Stream a few songs to check it out and then get the free download:

2. Uvulittle Records $5 Download Sale

To celebrate our new ability to sell downloads, we're selling all of our artists' Uvulittle releases digitally for $5 an album. Except Ritt Deitz' new one, which we're giving away for FREE. This offer is good through the end of May.

3. New Stephanie Rearick CD, Up The Wall, due out this fall.

Stephanie has been working with Ed Reardon at Big Recording in Chicago and it is sounding SWEET! She's planning a tiny tour in July with a bigger, national tour in Sept/Oct.

Keep up with Stephanie Rearick:

4. Maestro Subgum & The Whole re-issues.

We will be re-isuing the entire Maestro Subgum & The Whole catalog starting sometime later this year. One of the primary creative forces to come out of the late 80s Chicago scene, Maestro continues to draw huge crowds to their semi-annual reunion shows. We hope to introduce a new generation of listeners to their frenetic horn-fueled pop cabaret.

5. Uvulittle on Facebook and Twitter

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and enjoy the music.

Jon Hain
Uvulittle Records