Maestro Subgum, Juicy John, Stephanie Rearick, Jr., Ritt Deitz, Barry Bennett and a Coupon!

Maestro Subgum, Juicy John, Stephanie Rearick, Jr., Ritt Deitz, Barry Bennett and a Coupon!

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Sun, Dec 9, 2012


Big big big news!

We are (finally@!) taking pre-orders for the Maestro Subgum box set at our website.
Music With Teeth For People With Gums - Box Set

Containing all eight original albums, this is the complete recorded works of Maestro Subgum and the Whole. We are making 100 numbered copies.

The first six albums have been re-mastered. In most cases we were able to locate original reel-to-reel masters. In other cases, DAT. As an added bonus, we had to use production cassettes for a few seconds here and there.. The last two albums are straight-up re-issues.

Box buyers also get a year long subscription to the Maestro archive. This is a collection of live shows and unreleased studio recordings available in a streaming archive on our website.

We will ship this in a few mailings in order to get the music to you as quickly as possible. The first shipment will be no later than Dec 19. We expect to have most of the discs printed by then.

All of the albums will also be available individually, as they become available.


2. Live At Juicy John Pink's, Volume One

This double CD features live performances from Juicy John Pink's, recorded during 1976 and 1977. One of the premiere acoustic music venues in the Chicago area, it was well known for its enthusiastic, respectful audiences, warm, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent acoustics. The musicians featured here represent a sampling of some of the favorite singer/songwriters from that era.

Features: Kendell Kardt, Sam Leopold, Michael Smith & Barbara Smith, David Gross, Court Dorsey, Jim Brewer, David Williams And Michael O'Connell, and Long Lost Rainbow Band (featuring Pebe Sebert who also happens to be Ke$ha's mom, fwiw.)

You can sample a bunch of the tracks at:

* Be sure to listen to "Car on Fire" by Michael Smith & Barbara Smith. [ed - best song I've heard this year.]


3. Stephanie Rearick, Jr.

Stephanie Rearick, Jr. will be recording her debut album during the first week on January, 2013. The album will come out in the spring and she intends to tour both Europe and the U.S. during late spring, summer and early fall.

Here's a free download of one of her early recordings.

Look at Stephanie Rearick's Discography:


4. Ritt Deitz

Ritt has recently been inspired by Beck and has released a new song as sheet music.

He's currently planning a release for sometime in the first half of 2013.


5. Barry Bennett

New album coming soon!
No, really, its true! Black Galaxy Sparkle is finally taking shape. over the past year, it has been fun to throw out works in progress for you to hear. kind of like having you with me as i make it. The record features some great guest spot collaborations from Tracee Westmoreland, Edward Reardon, and Jason Kunesh.

Here is one more teaser that will be on the record. a little cosmic noir called, Snake Oil Serenade.

More more..


6. Our first coupon!

Order 2 or more anything and get 9% off! It's our first ever 2 - 9 sale!!

Code: HOLIDAZE2012

(this coupon expires 12/19 midnight CST - use it or lose it!)


7. Crooked Mouth will have a new album out -- aiming for May 2013.


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But most of all, we love you!

Thanks for supporting independent artists!
and we wish you happy holidays and forever thereafter,

Jon Hain
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