Stephanie Rearick
Mon, Oct 3, 2011

On the road! shows, timebank talks and trainings, fun...


I'm writing from Pasadena CA at the Fuller Guest House where I've been staying courtesy of the CA Federation of TimeBanks. They just hosted their first regional timebanking conference and it was a smashing success.

Today I led a 4-hour Learning Facilitation training, geared toward helping build capacity of trainers and support people for timebanking. If you don't know what timebanking is look at, or visit the site of my own home timebank, or my larger and somewhat more esoteric (and grandiosely ambitious) project, Time For the World at

This trip has had lots of highlights already so it's hard to single them out. I'll start with the shows.

Of course playing the CD release and send-off party in Madison at the Frequency was really fun. The sound and vibe at the Frequency are top-notch and all my friends made it and helped me have a great party.

St. Louis was the first out-of-town stop and a really cool experience. I played at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, a very grass-rootsy arts space with lots of comfortable (and some uncomfortable) old couches and all very young men sharing the bill with me. It was a fun scene and really enjoyable to hang out with the young'uns.

New Orleans was a major contrast. Nicole Gruter, and old friend and excellent performance artist/musician from Madison, lives there now and set up a really cool show called "Where'd I Put My Keys?" - a keyboard-themed show with all women performers. I think we were all over 35 and I really liked the fact that the first tour show was young men, the second was mature women. Kind of keeps with the theme of this tour for me, which is about re-connecting lots of pieces of society, community, gender-identified kinds of work and activity, etc. for a healthier situation. It builds on my last tour's theme, "Back Together Again" and also the theme of connecting my music work with my work on building DIY economic systems that work for us rather than the other way around.

Speaking of which, we had a great potluck in New Orleans where they gave birth to a new timebank, the NOLA TimeBank. One of the people who showed up to do great work there was someone I'd met at my show the night before, who learned about the effort at the show. That felt really good and I'm excited to see them move forward.

After that we stopped in Austin Texas just for fun (didn't end up booking a show there but will next time - I really enjoyed playing at the Church of the Friendly Ghost - great name - series last time I was there).

Then on to Tucson where we got to see old Chicago music friends from the band apartment. Now they play in Gamma, Like Very Ultra. Didn't get to hear them play because some of them were out of town, but one of their members set up a show for me at a lovely place called Splinter Brothers + Sisters Warehouse. The show was outdoors which was very nice on a beautiful evening. There were tons of little kids there dancing and playing to the band before me, Rabbit Ranch Experiment, who unfortunately had to leave because I started way past their bedtime.

Oh, and right outside of Tucson we went to the fantastically beautiful Kartchner Caverns - highly recommended - and hiked around where we saw the unbelievable grasshoppers whose porno shot I'm uploading as the image for this blog.

Tonight I play in LA, Echo Park, at Lot 1. I'm pretty excited for the show. This was set up by LA timebankers, including one (Cat Campion) who booked a show for me in Minneapolis over 10 years ago. Just by coincidence!

I'll write more as I go, still have almost a month left on the road.

Thanks for reading!

Stephanie Rearick
Wed, Oct 19, 2011

Up The Wall Tour - LA through Ohio: a long one!

Blog post #2: Oct. 3 – Oct. 17:: LA to Chicago
Well, a lot has happened since last I wrote!
The LA show was fun, at a cool venue called Lot 1. With good music all around that night.
From there, on to San Francisco where we met with Mira Luna and Rick Simon from Bay Area Community Exchange, Michele Magar whom we met at the TimeBanks USA conference back in August, Sheryl Walton of Sobrante Park Timebank and TimeBanks USA, and Natalie, a friend of Michele's with great relevant experience in counseling and in running a program to improve accessibility to technology to seniors. We learned about the many exciting partnerships and projects being developed by BACE and discussed ways the other participants could help in starting new initiatives and outreach efforts to increase the robustness of resources, exchanges, and the ability of timebanking to improve upon service accessibility and fairness for diverse populations, especially those with physical or mental health challenges.
October 7 I met with Sheryl Walton to discuss how we can best work to develop training capacity among timebankers in each region. Sheryl's a great trainer and has been taking the lead on TimeBanks USA training for several years, drawing upon her excellent experience with Oakland's Sobrante Park TimeBank. She'll be helping to train trainers and hone the curriculum. Exciting work. We met at BrainWash, a laundromat, cafe, bar and music venue in San Francisco – where I had a show that night. The show was a lot of fun even though the sound was a challenge. They give free laundry to performers, which was a major plus in the middle of such a long tour!
Left after the show to get closer to the redwoods so we'd be able to spend most of the day there on the way up to Seattle.
And of course the redwoods are spectacular!

On to Seattle: October 9 we pulled into Seattle to Cindy Jayne's house, where we talked about ways to enhance the trainings provided by TimeBanks USA, and how we might proceed in training trainers. I had a sparsely attended show that night with GREAT sound in a lovely old fashioned cabaret-type space, with a good opening act Jeremy Serwer. I really enjoyed it even though there were only a handful of people there for the show. They were all really cool, attentive during the show and fun to hang out with after.
The morning of October 10 Cindy Jayne hosted a timebank organizers' meeting at her house over breakfast. We discussed ways the Eastside Seattle TimeBank might approach expanding into new geographic areas and identifying and implementing more community projects through timebanking. They have a really solid leadership group there and there are lots of possibilities.
Then we drove to Portland OR where we enjoyed a nice meal with a friend before my Electrogals performance.

Electrogals was a great new experience for me. I integrated a timebanking/new economic thinking workshop with a music performance. I'll post the video when I have a chance so you can see more what it was like. But I really enjoyed it. Since the theme of the festival was 'gals gone wired' I did a timebanking simulation game with wire. People had the assignment to make a figure that represents their dream for their community, however they want to define it. Later in the workshop we turned those into a lovely little mobile (I'll post a picture) that the festival will keep. As I talked I played songs that represented the ideas I was presenting. I totally forgot to play Oh No, though, which is totally related to the youth court/community justice parts of my talk.
Some GREAT old friends came to the show and out afterward, too, including a college friend I haven't seen since 1992. Awesome. One of the very best parts of a tour like this...

Had to leave right after the short hang-out with Portland friends after the show in order to get to Boise by 2pm the next day. Boise's 7 ½ hours from Portland and we also lose an hour in the time zone change. But the reason we needed to get there was great – Lacey, Courtney and Gina of TimeBank Idaho were hosting a meeting with human service professionals from around the state, including Richard Armstrong, Director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. They are exploring how timebanking and co-production can help improve the effectiveness of public services.
Next day we drove to Park City Utah where I appeared on Mountain Views, a show on Park City TV. This was cool. I played 3 songs and also talked about the tour, timebanking, economic self-sufficiency on live television. A good way to reach a new audience.
Afterward we drove to Dinosaur Monument National Park and camped on the soft sandy beach of the Green River, which sounds idyllic until you realize that it was in the '30s and we woke up with ice on our sleeping bags. But what a beautiful place to wake up! And hike around before driving on to Boulder...
Where I played a show at the Laughing Goat which was a really good time, just as it was on my last tour.
Then on to Iowa City (with a stop in Des Moines to see my friend Becky which was great) for the best show of the tour, largely because I played with fabulous Iowa City bands – especially Utopia Park, my new favorite.
After that, Chicago for a day of seeing great friends and fixing the car for a lot of money. Then playing at Prop Theater with Stroller and Paleo, another good show. More audience members would have been nice but those who were there were wonderful, including more good friends who I don't see enough.
Today we got up early and drove to Toledo Ohio where Leander and I both presented to a group of very engaged and interested Toledoans, from lots of organizations and communities that can really engage with timebanking. There were City Council members, County officials, Juvenile Justice professionals, United Way staff, a Green Party candidate, urban gardeners and project leaders, faculty and students from University of Toledo, and more. We talked about lots of complementary currency models and how they might be applied there and invited people to attend the upcoming trainings in Detroit. We expect to see at least a few there. And got the question I like best, “how do we start?” The meeting was followed by a lovely reception at a restaurant/bar called Mano's, which was fun. After all that we drove 2 hours to my parents' house in Akron, Ohio where I'm writing this now and am about to hit the sack. It's been a long few days! Nice to be home with my wonderful parents.

Stephanie Rearick
Thu, Oct 27, 2011

Up The Wall Tour - Blog #3: Ohio – Montreal

After spending the night of 10/18 with my parents we drove 7 ½ hours from Ohio to New York City, where I met up with my friend Sabrina and her husband Lewis and had a grand time starting to catch up. I never get to see Sabrina and she's just wonderful so this was a happy time. They have a cute and really funny 2-year-old, Augie who I started to get to know pretty quickly.

October 20 was the Contact conference at a very cool building in the lower east side, called Angel Oresanz. Lent itself to the kind of creativity the organizers were hoping to catalyze. I led a teach-in on timebanking applied to community problem solving and made some good new connections, especially with Community Tools and Guillaume from Bernal Bucks in San Francisco. I hope we can collaborate in the future to help timebanking connect with other human-scaled systems to make a better economy.

A few projects were selected to move forward from the Contact conference. One is about making connections for better local food production and distribution. I attended the session on next steps and proposed timebanking as a tool for cataloging assets and needs and facilitating tracking and increased collaboration. I'll continue to participate in that discussion online. Check it out here.

Next day began the Metacurrency Collabathon. Unfortunately, the beginning session coincided with my show at Sidewalk Cafe so I couldn't attend. I had a show to play! Which was really fun, by the way, even though a small portion of the crowd was noisy enough to make up for all the other people who were quiet and attentive. I love the Sidewalk Cafe.

Leander gave rave reviews of the Friday evening gathering and Saturday and Sunday were very rewarding. Lots of great people with great insights, values and motivation were gathered in a brilliantly facilitated open space format and came up with wonderful ideas that will be followed up on. This is a motivated group with great track records of thinking up cool ideas and moving them forward. My favorite topic (just reflecting my personal bias) of the weekend: starting a travel and culture exchange that works toward creating an economy where people can make a living by being creative and following their passion. We'll make it happen!

Saturday night was a special treat – I got to see Stations Lost, a play by Tony Fitzpatrick, adapted and directed by my great friend Ann Filmer with sound design by other great friend Barry Bennett and video art by Kristin Reeves – all friends from Chicago. The play was staged at The Boiler in Brooklyn. It was fantastic!! Read more here.

We had to leave the collabathon early on Sunday to get to New Hampshire for a gathering of leaders of the new timebank in Durham. The drive was a little longer than we'd thought but lovely with fall leaves.

We arrived at 8pm and had a really nice meal with about eight timebank organizers. They were a great group with lots of insights. All women, several of whom are involved in peace and culture exchange organizations, one who's studying public health and looking for documentation of timebanking/public health outcomes. Delicious food, good conversation.

Robin offered us a place to stay in her lovely home in a beautiful wooded neighborhood by the bay. She also gave me a trumpet! Her son played it in 4th grade and didn't continue. This gift seemed too good to be true – I love my trumpet, which was my Dad's when he was a kid. But it's completely deteriorating (its second owner never took good care of it :( ) so I'm thrilled to have one in better shape so Dad's can retire peacefully.

Next day we walked with Noel by the bay, then on a gorgeous mountain just across the Maine border. Finished up our conversation that we'd started the night before, then hit the road for Maine.

Next stop was in Augusta Maine at Stacey Jacobsohn's house, timebank organizer extraordinaire. She fed us and we prepared for our gathering in Madison, Maine where the goal was to plant seeds for more development of the mid-Maine TimeBank in Madison, new territory for them.

We got to Madison Maine and were introduced to the sweet, tiny union hall where the gathering would be held, and to Pete, a Vet for Peace in his 60's, a classic Mainer with a great accent and very winning personality! He gave me a gift I really treasure – a little box he'd run across that day while picking up supplies for the event. It says “Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.” He felt that running across it then was serendipitous and I agree.

This gathering was one of my favorites of the whole trip. There were about 10 people there, more men than women, more older than not. Stacey gave me one of the most moving and sweet introductions I've ever gotten and then the whole group engaged in a really fascinating conversation about our economy, how it got the way it is, how it can be different, and how they'll go about getting timebanking going to meet their goals of boosting people's economic standing and reweaving their community to better include everyone. It was really cool.

Afterward we went to Carol Dyar-Eaton's house for a bonfire and more great discussion. Carol has really cool ideas about involving young people and homecomers in building beautiful, artful solar chargers for laptops and cell phones. The plan involves a really thorough process, facilitated with timebanking, of community members providing education to the youth and the homecomers about electricity, woodworking, glass-working, sustainability and teamwork. Non-violent communication training and principles will be threaded throughout and homecomers will mentor the youth. They'll learn a lot, build skills, connections and teamwork while creating beautiful and useful products. She's already been gathering partners and making prototypes and they truly are lovely works of art. Very exciting project!

Next to Montreal where I played a great show with some fantastic musicians – Elgin Skye McLaren, Open Arms Fast Hands and Athena Holmes. A very attentive and respectful audience and just a fantastic time. My old friend from Madison, Ivan Klipstein, connected me with these folks and put us up. That was just great. Got to see some of his fantastic artwork he was working on and he gave us a disc of a recent radio appearance to listen to also (your cover's blown, Ghosty!) which was hilarious.

Today we drove all day to Detroit where I'm finishing writing this so I can go to bed and get up early for our 2-day workshops with area timebankers, and shows on Sat. and Sunday. The home stretch!

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Nov 5, 2011

Final installment, Up The Wall Tour: Update #4 – Detroit to home

In Detroit...
We stayed with Kim Hodge (in Lathrup Village), organizer extraordinaire and founder of the Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks, who hosted and co-facilitated the two days of trainings we did.

The trainings were in a great church in Detroit, the Lighthouse Community Church on Wyoming St., thanks to Joan and her son the pastor.

First day we focused on identifying and engaging stakeholders – the organizations, groups and individuals who can help each timebank meet its goals.

We went through how to identify your vision, mission and objectives and base your activities around those things. Once you're clear on what your real vision and goals are it's much easier to determine who needs to be involved to make those things happen and what messages might appeal to them.

We also discussed how to approach organizations with one need that timebank members could fill and one asset the organization can provide in return, in order to make it very clear and simple how timebank involvement can be mutually beneficial. And how to know whether an organization has someone internal or with a strong active connection who will be willing to do the work to make timebank participation flow well. I always advise that this is essential to success with each organization, or at least has been for us at the Dane County TimeBank.

In the afternoon we were joined by a few additional people, including some stakeholders that organizers are working to get involved. During this time we went through some nuts and bolts issues about liability, insurance, resources available for these things, policy decisions and more (TimeBanks USA, Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks, Dane County TimeBank among others).

Then we did a visioning exercise focused on how we could use timebanking to facilitate successful and healthy reintegration into the community for returning soldiers. We first determined who would need to be involved in order to create a robust circuit of assets and needs. Then we mapped how a variety of community members could participate, based on each ones' own assets and needs, and create a web of resources that can support the returning soldier and everyone else in the neighborhood. This seemed to help participants to see how they could create similar networks in their own communities, tailored to meet their own goals.

We had some practice rounds and a lovely close led by Kim and contributed to by everyone.

Next day was on funding and sustainability. Again, we focused on how to use your mission, vision and objectives to identify what resources you'll need, best adapted to meeting your goals. We also did a lot of need and asset mapping and identification of non-monetary resources that can be brought in, then went through sources for monetary resources and what they tend to be necessary for. Sources identified were member fees, organizational member fees, contracts, grants, services provided, and various fundraising strategies. We explored some of these options in greater depth and then did individual need and asset mapping to begin picturing what sustainability would mean for each project.

After the session and a potluck, we got a little rest before I went to play at an art reception at Mercado art gallery in Mexicantown, Southwest Detroit. The gallery was beautiful! Big glass walls, boxy white rooms with a great art show inside. I found my new favorite artist, Susan Aaron Taylor (or at least from the three pieces she had there). Spaceband played first and were great as always. I really enjoy playing in a boxy echoey space with good sound and lighting so I had a great time.

Next day we had a potluck at Kim's house with some of Lathrup Village TimeBank's members and organizers. Really wonderful people. A couple of them were a little tired because they'd been up late the night before, one helping the other with an emergency water heater replacement!

And that night I played the Devil's Night Party at Trumbullplex. Trumbullplex Theater is a cool (very literally, too, that night) art space connected with Trumbullplex anarchist housing collective. This was a serious (and fun) night of experimental music and performance – and rock. I was first. I went as Chunks the Clown and played all spooky, dark stuff. Opened with Charlie Cheney's Chunks the Clown joke to set the mood, then played 'Secret,' 'Night,' 'Eating Machine' and some others I haven't been playing in awhile. Also Icarus' Himself's 'Cadaver Love Song' – seemed appropriate for the occasion. After me was Julie Patton, then Paul Van Curen, Spaceband, and Marco Polio and the New Vaccines. Lots of brilliant moments through the night topped by Polio et al's stunningly fantastic rock show. Their vibe was similar to Iowa City's Utopia Park, also reminiscent of Shane Shane who's a friend of the Vaccines. But their costumes made them total superstars – they were all angels, with crisp white clothes, one in white satin shorts, one shirtless, all with white feathered wings and halos of gold leaves. They looked awesome, then put on a hyper-kinetic show with lots of jumping back and forth between being on the stage and in front of the stage, sometimes enlisting the dancers to wave a big white sheet together, popcorn style. Pretty awesome. After the show the singer (in his lovely white angel costume, covered with sticky fake blood) had us all put our hands in football-style, and say 'everyone is everyone!' A fine way to end Devil's Night.

And I was exhausted. That was the last show of the tour, next morning we drove back to Madison, stopping at Sultan's Market in Chicago for some of the best falafel around. I'm happy to be home!!

Barry Bennett
Wed, Feb 22, 2012

uvulittle's Barry Bennett teams up with Madison's Kanopy Dance...

Bennett here:

hey kids, daddy's got a commission, of sorts, for KANOPY DANCE COMPANY in Madtown! the title suite of songs from my album, “Death to Death!! and other tales of Uneasy Harmony” will be featured in a world premiere dance by choreographer Kerry Parker in Kanopy’s spring concert.

Kanopy was on tour sharing a concert in Chicago with Winifred Haun & Dancers at the Ruth Page Theater, when dancer/choreographer Kerry Parker asked Winifred a fateful question..."who did the sound design for your dance?"
It turned out that it was little old me! :) Winnie cyber introduced us and she got ahold of the Death to Death album. Now, as i type, Kerry and her dancers are hard at work with my music trying to make a little dance theater magic...

It seems that Kanopy does really exciting work and i am pleased as punch to be a part of it.
check it out:
KANOPY DANCE COMPANY presents… CASSANDRA ** APRIL 13-15 ** Overture Center for the Arts, 201 State St, Madison, WI more info @

hope to see you UVU-lites there!

Barry Bennett
Wed, Feb 22, 2012

it's time

bennett here, again:

** IT'S TIME. NEW TUNE...for your listening and downloading pleasure...

been futzing with this lately, thinking about, well, you know, time... may end up on black galaxy sparkle or there is a rumor that Ed Reardon may lay some stuff on it to make it a Dr. Bonobo track. only time will here and maybe, just maybe, your life will take a turn for the better :) --

Barry Bennett
Wed, Mar 21, 2012

wed march 28th: presence

presence. i like that word. it can be a witness, an energy, an evidence , or a knob on a music man amp...

on WED MARCH 28TH, i will be improvising a set of tribal/ambient/space/punk as part of Chicago Dramatist new music/variety series, revenge of the playwrights pub. i have been an associate artist at Chicago Dramatists for many years and am pleased to help get this new cool programming started. plus, its my birthday week! so, give me the awesome present of your presence…

BarryBennettSounds (ME)
** WED MARCH 28TH **
CHICAGO DRAMATISTS 1105 W. Chicago Ave (right off blue line) ** 8pm doors ** cash bar ** all welcome ** $5
** BBS plays 1st followed by special guests
TREVOR MCSPADDEN from the hoyle brothers

I sure hope to feel you there. never know when something good will happen...

barry bennett

Barry Bennett
Sat, May 19, 2012

rhubarb grows

had a great time performing a version of this as "The Blonde Rhubarbs" along with dancers Mindy Meyers, Nadine Lollino, Lyndsae Rinio, and Brewer Bob Brown @ Drinking and Writing Theater's BEERFLY ALLEY FIGHT. BAF pairs brewers, chefs, and artists together for a day of performances, tastings, and friendly competition. a blast! enjoy the the demo i worked up for the piece. a one take wonder featuring vox and wavedrum...


Barry Bennett
Fri, Jun 1, 2012

Holla Body

hello beautiful...

just a note. no live performance scheduled right now, but lots of irons in the pot. a couple of recording projects. Edward Reardon and i have been kicking concepts for a Doctor Bonobo album in the future and i have sent some things to Ed's secret lab. also, been talking with David Lee Smith and Tracee Westmoreland about making at least one track together long distance style. remember that they are in Berlin and Brussels. Davidly, says he may have something in my inbox in a few weeks to play with... Why? cause it'll fun and it is the original MiLkBabY's 15 year.
Hear that Dave and Tracee? i said it in public, so we have to do it! :)

i am also working on a new solo collection titled, "Black Galaxy Sparkle", with no release date named of course. i am being super open with the process on this one, posting ideas on soundcloud and such for folks to enjoy. here is a track i just finished, which i am almost certain will make it on the album. it is called "Holla Body" and it harkens to my secret wish to be Cee-lo... strap on the Phones and enjoy the Stream...

*** ok. i know lots of you guys use that book of faces thinamabob...if you like to have a little more time together, you can "like" my page...

***also, there are all sorts of portal of sound and goodness at my main website. visit it sometime. content changes and when the book of faces goes out of business, you should be used to going there :)

ok. this note is over. there is a very good chance that i love you...


Stephanie Rearick
Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Stephanie Rearick Jr. album and tour coming 2013


Sorry it's been so long, I actually forgot I could blog on here. Have been blogging more about work at - check it out if you'd like to read more about the work I do on helping create a cooperative economy that works for us rather than the other way around.

And now that work is easing up a bit I can turn my attention to music!

In January I'll record a full-length Stephanie Rearick Jr. album (or whatever the kids are calling it these days). Working title "Free-for-All". Just finished up writing on the last song, debuted the album-to-be in its entirety at a show at Mother Fool's. I like it! I hope you do too. I'm thinking about re-releasing Up the Wall with it as a bit of a double album. They've ended up being of a piece and I like the idea of Stephanie Rearick regular and Jr. together. So we'll see.

In other news, I have an awesome new backup band, the SRS. We'll probably go by Stephanie Rearick and the SRS. (only it looks a little different when written properly, see attached photo ;) This band is Lorrie Hurckes, my fabulous Ladyscissors bandmate, Marina Kelly, artist, performer, dancer, videographer etc. and Kristin Forde, dancer, singer, artist. They sing, dance a bit (with more to come, we've only practiced 4 times so far!), play drums, some other instruments as needed, look great and add a lot. I'm excited! They'll join me on select shows in select cities. Very nice.

And Ladyscissors is booking some nice shows - December 15 at the Crystal Corner with Brown Derby and Jan. 19 at Mickey's with Sexy Ester. For those who haven't been around we've added a bass player, Anne Bull. We hope to record this winter too!

What else? Playing drums and singing with Dry Nurse, a duo with Jon Hain (Coma Savants et al) on electric guitar.

And most exciting, planning to tour over the summer! If all goes well I'll need to go to Europe for June, then out west for August, going east either July or September depending on how everything else shakes out. I plan to do music and continue working on helping set up a training and peer support infrastructure for timebanks and other cooperative enterprises, plus doing speaking engagments, trainings and conferences on related topics. Let me know if you have suggestions for places to go, people to connect with, things to do.

Thanks for reading,

ps by the way, there are some videos posted of me playing some of the Jr. material that I plan to record. 3 songs can be accessed from here:

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Feb 2, 2013


seems like time for an update

I've finished all my tracks for my new record (by Stephanie Rearick Jr.) and have decided to call it Dreamworld. And I've been working on the artwork and really enjoying it. Also adding some of it to my website

Now for the mixing. Some won't need a whole lot, well, actually most if it won't. Jon Hain just turned in a mix of one of the songs that really surprised me, and that I really like. So it'll be cool to see what direction it goes... I'm doing some, Jon's doing some, I'll probably ask Ed Reardon to do some (if you're reading this Ed, consider yourself asked! rudely! ;)

I play tonight at Mother Fool's opening for All Good Things, whose stuff I really like and who I'm excited to see.

I play Sunday Feb. 16 in Chicago at the close of Rhino Fest by Curious Theater. I've played that event before and love it, with friends Crooked Mouth (core of Uvulittle labelmates Maestro Subgum and the Whole)

My band Ladyscissors (I'm on drums/vox, Lorrie Hurckes guitar/vox, Brent George guitar, Anne Bull bass) will play a Roller Derby after-party March 16 at the Frequency.

And the night before that I'll have the extreme pleasure and honor of seeing Leonard Cohen in concert.


and all the while I'll be preparing for some big touring starting the month of June in Europe (hopefully playing some in UK and Holland while traveling for work too), late July/August headed west US and back, late Sept/early Nov headed east, down south and back. Should be a great time! Let me know if you want to help in any way... Everything needed, including suggestions of tour stops, venues, people to play with, places to stay, media stuff to do, etc etc

That'll be nice!

thanks for reading

Jon Hain
Wed, Feb 20, 2013

Maestro Subgum and the Whole update

All of the components of the Box Set are done. We are awaiting delivery of the actual box (coming from Vancouver) and will mail them out to everyone who pre-order(ed/s) it as soon as they arrive. We've pre-sold 8 Boxes and there are about 20 set aside for band members leaving ~70 for YOU.

All eight original releases are also available separately available at our website in physical and digital formats. You can listen to a few tracks from each album to get an idea of the different eras.

The "Rares" CD will be available later this week.

The website is being upgraded to allow for some really nice features for Maestro Archive subscribers (included with Box Set and separately). That *should* be done be early next week.

There are a bunch of streamable tracks and some downloads on the Maestro Subgum and the Whole page. (More coming…)

Stephanie Rearick
Wed, Mar 6, 2013

Tour booking starting now

Well it's time to start cranking on booking my various upcoming tours. That'll be a mountain of work, luckily the promise of such great times makes it easier to get motivated.

I just booked my CD release show, opening for Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl of Faun Fables. They are two of my very favorite musicians so it's a real honor and pleasure to share this bill with them. I look forward to playing first and then enjoying them the rest of the night. Friday, May 10 at the Dragonfly Lounge, a lovely little space in an old gothic church, converted to a restaurant and lounge.

I also just got a talk accepted at The Sunrise Festival in UK May 30 - June 2, so it looks like I'm gonna have a nice long tour! I'm also speaking and hopefully performing in Holland between June 15 and end of the month, so I'll be looking to fill the rest of my time with other shows and timebanking-oriented activities. Let me know if you have suggestions!

I'll be back here for a few weeks in July, then will head west, hitting CA around beginning of August and coming back toward home for end of August. I hope to get all the way up to Vancouver and am still pretty flexible about where I stop between home and west coast. Definitely Boulder and Denver on the way out, and Duluth and Minneapolis on the way back. Again, your suggestions are welcome!

As they are for the third leg of the trip, beginning late September, headed out across Michigan and Ohio, to NYC and MA, then down to NC and FL and across to NOLA getting there right around Halloween. Up through St. Louis and home again to chill out awhile.

Should be tons of fun and adventure. I can use all kinds of help setting it up, publicizing, getting people to shows, finding places to stay, etc. Let me know if you have ideas!

Stephanie Rearick
Fri, Apr 26, 2013

Dreamworld is here! and tour's shaping up

I'm pleased to report that I have my CDs in hand! And I love them.
Rev. Velveteen played my cover of the Frogs' Laugh last night on Psychoacoustics on WORT 89.9fm. And more radio news to come...

you can order them at or pick one up at Mother Fool's or MadCity Music in Madison. I'll get them to other record stores in town this weekend, you'll find it on web music places etc.

And come to my CD release parties! May 10 in Madison at Dragonfly, with Faun Fables and Bucky Pope. May 14 in Chicago at Double Door with Crooked Mouth, Daniel and the Lion, Elvisbride and Mitch Mead.

Just confirmed the first show of my US tour this summer, starting in Iowa city July 18. Then across to the west coast, up and back. Going east in September - October. Check out my tour schedule here and let me know if you want to help get the word out, recommend musicians venues or cities to connect with, etc.

I'm also up for doing talks, workshops, etc. on regenerative economics and you can read more about those possibilities here

and in June I'll be in UK, France and the Netherlands. I have flexibility at the end of that trip, end of June where I'll be in the Hague, if you have suggestions of places to play during that last week.

Stephanie Rearick
Wed, Jun 12, 2013

Report #1 from the Dreamworld Tour (a long one, sorry!)


I’ve been having a wonderful time on the road (or in the air), meeting people, learning a lot, giving talks and workshops on building a sharing economy through cooperative practices.

First stop on this leg of the trip was Sunrise Festival near Bath UK.

After an all-night flight I arrived in London and took a train straight to the festival, where it was chilly, grey and muddy. I was provided with a really nice camping spot and gear courtesy of Camplight, a great little organization that rescues camping equipment abandoned at festivals, cleans it up and provides a set-up tent with sleeping bag and air mattress. And they usually have their own solar showers too (there was a bit of a water shortage at Sunrise this year though).

I arrived without any British pounds and my ATM card wasn’t working. Fortunately the Bristol Pound people were at the festival and were willing to exchange euros for Bristol pounds which I could then spend at the festival. Once again community currency saves the day!

On Friday the weather cleared up and got beautifully sunny for the rest of the festival. And the mud started to dry up.

Friday at 5pm I did my Redesigning Work and the Economy talk in the Green Talks Dome. A couple dozen people played the timebanking yarn game (most were new to the idea) and discussed their own visions for what they’d like to accomplish in their communities. Then we talked about how we can pull together various types of efforts to build a more comprehensive and effective system. Some of the participants have local efforts near them they can tap into, others are looking to build their own. And some were there just to learn. Many are in the process of redesigning their own work lives and were looking for ideas.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in a roundtable discussion at the Solar Cinema, with a representative from Positive Money, a man who works on sustainability issues with large corporations, and Jon Cousins who has extensive experience with timebanking and is very active in Green politics. This was a really cool and wide-ranging discussion that opened all of our minds in various ways. The corporate consultant was very intrigued by our collective speculations about how the world would look if people were doing the work they’re passionate about. At one point the conversation turned to proposals for a universal basic cost-of-living stipend and we imagined what jobs would be difficult to fill in those circumstances and why, ultimately coming to the conclusion that crappy work should pay well. And that many jobs we consider to be undesirable would likely get done out of a sense of stewardship. Jon gave the example that people at the festival clean the toilets because they want clean toilets to use; one of the other participants gave the very striking example of people who volunteer to monitor nuclear waste, putting their lives on the line because they recognize the urgent importance of the task. One of my favorite conversations yet this trip!

Sunday was the festival’s last day and I had the pleasure of playing a set at the cafe next to the Green Talks Dome. It was quite a lovely evening.

Other highlights of the festival: lots of workshops – making rocket stoves, carving chalk, building with pallets – lots of ways to play, lots of wonderful people.

—On to Paris!

I took a train straight to the planning meeting for our evening event. Sybille Saint Girons and Danielle Orsi, more great people I met through Community Forge, and I discussed how we’d approach the evening. Then we held a workshop/discussion with about 15 people running or participating in LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems – very much like timebanks, sometimes less strict on the non-negotiability requirements) around France.

I shared our experiences with Dane County TimeBank, particularly our focus on projects. Then Sybille led a brilliant exercise where we shared the three qualities each of us wanted to see in the world. Many of them overlapped, as you might imagine. Then we broke into groups of three and each group brainstormed possible keys to making those qualities into reality. We wrote each key on a post-it which then went on a table where like ones were clustered together. Participants selected those that seemed most useful, then broke into work groups to proceed with creating or strengthening the keys identified. Examples are: good governance, communication, good use of technology, system intertrading, etc.

Next was a training on administering Community Forge software. Then we broke into two groups, one of which delved into more technical details and questions about the software, and the other played the Build a Better World Game! In case you’re not familiar with it, this is a game we’re creating to help build people’s skills in using the assets and needs in a given community to collaborate toward common goals. It was fun to play with these folks and get their feedback on how to make the game more adaptable linguistically and culturally.

On Friday Christophe and I helped Sybille lead 2 workshops at HEC business school in Paris. She led a great game that illustrates the different dynamics that result from different forms of exchange - direct barter, fiat money, and mutual credit. Then I shared my experiences with the Dane County TimeBank. I was very gratified when the student who reported back to the full group mentioned that she'd like to get involved in her own neighborhood. More details on the game can be found here:


Then I went to Bristol UK, my new favorite city. There's a ton of great street art there - including this brand new breakdancing Jesus that just went up on the side of Hamilton House, a cool cooperative arts space.

We held a discussion at Aro Ling Buddhist Center called "Money is no object - build your dreamworld." The 10 or so participants seem quite inspired to start their own version of timebanking, as did a man from Bristol's Happy City organization. I look forward to seeing what comes of this!


Finally, I've now arrived in London where I had the opportunity to play at Bar Solo, one of many performers during the showcase Songs of Love and Hate. It was a great time. I played Skin, I Can Hear You and Evening Sun. Hopefully I'll see some of those folks at the Boogaloo on Sunday.

Now I'm getting ready to go see Book of Mormon!

Thanks for reading this long-ass post. I'll try to break them up more in the future.


Stephanie Rearick
Fri, Jun 28, 2013

on playing for free, paying to play etc

While musicians in Madison were playing for free at Make Music Madison and elsewhere, or not playing for free and maybe or maybe not complaining about musicians being asked to play for free - I was paying to play in Europe.

I didn't realize until I was at the airport that my equipment case was 20lbs. over the weight limit and thus cost $200 to transport. And then transportation to the venues I played, another $30 to take it on the train back to London from the Netherlands, and the physical cost of lugging the monstrosity around. And the 20 lbs. of equipment I shed while over there to avoid having to pay another $200 to get it back home.

I couldn't have spent my money and bodily integrity better! I got to play a whole set during an open stage at Sunrise Festival, on the last night of the festival when people seemed eager to come into the beautiful coffeehouse tent that I was playing in, ready for something on the prettier more tranquil side to wind it down with.

I busked on the Jubilee Street bridge on a sunny day in London, overlooking the sparkly Thames. (I only made 8 euros in the 1 1/2 hours I was there)

I looked out at the ocean while I played a beach party in the Hague, during the Int'l Complementary Currencies conference there.

And I enjoyed playing 2 London bar shows for free - Songs of Love and Hate #1 at Bar Solo in Camden and with 2 local bands at the Boogaloo. I'd hoped to get paid at the Boogaloo but of course forgot to ask about it when setting up the show, and during the show didn't think to check on it, or pass a hat. And like many musicians I get uncomfortable asking for money or for people to buy CDs or t-shirts.

So instead of paying my way with music I ended up hemorrhaging money. and getting all bruised up from hauling my huge flight case with my equipment in it.

But I had the most glorious experiences.

Maybe the fact that I have a hard time making money at this means I'm not good enough and should stop. I think that's bullshit. I think you do too. I think most of us think it's a little tragic when we or people we love hang up their artistic pursuits in favor of 'real' jobs, often real crappy jobs.

I don't think the answer to this problem lies in keeping our art to ourselves unless people choose to pay us to provide it. That false enforced scarcity model of arts economy is dead. And not worth reviving.

We're in between creative economies without having found our new path yet. Why don't we make it one that encourages people to share their creativity and explore new avenues for expressing it, with the ability to travel and cross-pollinate with other cultures and creative people? And with people who would like to be audience members if only they knew what you were doing, and supporters if only they had ways to support you, and so on and so on.

The other part of the Europe tour I was on, and the US tour I'm about to embark on, is in connecting with people who are working to build a sharing economy. A creative economy built on and building abundance.

I hemorrhage money there too! A lot of places I go people take up donations or fundraise to pay me a stipend, but a lot of places I go people have other things they need to put their money toward.

But people feed me, house me in beautiful places with amazing interesting people, show me a good time in their towns, give me a chance to learn about what they're doing, and promise to pay forward whatever help I can provide that doesn't happen to be paid for in dollars.

That's all wonderful!

Two ways I'm working to make it more sustainable, so I don't have to continue to rely on one very generous donor - asking for all kinds of technical assistance that you can provide for time credits or as a gift through - that's just a skeleton for now and will become a way to find people who can assist with all kinds of projects.

And asking you to support this tour financially if you're able. You get a download of my new record Dreamworld as a bonus if you give!

So that's that. Plus a couple pictures of cool places I got to be!

Stephanie Rearick
Sun, Jul 14, 2013

West US leg of tour - starts Thur!

I'm excited to begin the west coast leg of my tour. It'll feel like a luxury to have a car to haul my stuff in, after dragging it all around Europe. And I can take some Mother Fool's cold-brewed iced coffee with me! I seriously thought wistfully about that when I was in Europe..

I just made a poster with most of the dates on it. It doesn't include stops between OR and SD because those are still being worked out. There will be sharing economy stuff in Columbia Gorge OR and Boise ID. Other shows and stops may be in the works too...

Please tell your friends about dates in their area. Share my new video with them so they can see if they like it, and pass it on to their friends! And let me know if you have suggestions for other stops on the route.

Hope to see you somewhere

oh, and please support the tour if you're able. You'll get a digital download of Dreamworld to thank you!


Stephanie Rearick
Mon, Aug 12, 2013

More dates have been added to West US tour leg

Please tell your friends to come see me in these various cities coming up. Boise and Pocatello Idaho, Bismarck North Dakota, Aberdeen South Dakota, Duluth and Minneapolis Minnesota. Then out eastward starting September. Stay tuned...

All confirmed show and sharing economy gatherings are detailed and will be kept up to date here.

And don't forget to watch my lyric video Skin.

And buy Dreamworld!

Last but not least, if you or someone you know are on my route in coming days or months and wish to host a concert, sharing economy gathering, or me, get in touch through my website. Details about what I offer and links to where I'll be going on the rest of the tour are here.


Barry Bennett
Mon, Aug 26, 2013



a reminder that Ed Reardon's farewell to the USA show is THIS FRIDAY! BLACK DOT goes on 1st, so you can party down with the Reardon and bask in shredding aura. Can't tell you how much i'll miss having Ed around. i am sure many of you reading this feel the same way...
ALSO, another reason to come out is that BLACK DOT will be recording this show for release at a later date! We need your awesome DOT vibe to knock it out of the park! so please, come on out and double dip for history!

summing up:

BLACK DOT ** FRI AUG 30TH ** REGGIES MUSIC JOINT 2105 S State Chicago ** 7:30pm ** DOT HITS FIRST! ** followed by Paper Angels, Lemon Sky, Doctor Pyramid ** $5


that is it for now

find all things BB and Black Dot related, including picking up the new BB album "Black Galaxy Sparkle",
hint hint


barry b

Barry Bennett
Fri, Aug 30, 2013


Humans! Take Note! Just got word that the touring band on the bill has cancelled with a dead van... so the SHOW NOW STARTS @ 9:30PM!
BLACK DOT will now go on promptly at 9:30pm!!
now you have no excuse not to make it :)
see you at Reggies' for Mr. Reardon's last American BLACK DOT ride!!!

BLACK DOT ** FRI AUG 30TH ** REGGIES MUSIC JOINT 2105 S State Chicago ** 9:30pm ** DOT HITS FIRST! ** followed by Paper Angels, Doctor Pyramid ** $5

ED REARDON’S FAREWELL SHOW!!!! His plane leaves for Vienna 4 days later! Black Dot goes on a little hiatus while we Dots try to decide to go it as a trio or replace the irreplacable! get your butts off the couch! We hit first followed by great bands, so you have plenty of time to hang and party with ED! OK? OK.

Stephanie Rearick
Tue, Sep 10, 2013

upcomings - confirmed as of 9/15/13, more to come

It's been a whirlwind so far this summer, and it's great. In just over a week I head out on the next and last leg of the Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour. Here are some dates to get started with.. Please tell your friends!

Friday, September 20, 2013 1pm-6pm
Creative Economy Skillshare and Mini-Conference

2020 West Greenleaf Avenue, Chicago, IL

Join the Chicago Time Exchange, founder and co-Director of the Dane County TimeBank, and community members for an afternoon skill share and potluck.

If you would like to share a creative skill or set up/clean up before or after (and earn Time Dollars), please email Jami at Any skill is welcome! 4 slots are available.

1:00: Skill Share 1 + 2
2:00: Skill Share 3 + 4
3:00-4:30: Stephanie Rearick talk and round table discussion
4:30-6:00: Potluck

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 7:00pm - 11pm
Stephanie Rearick Jr. set
Trade School Evanston/CTX Collaboration Launch Party!

Trade School Evanston
1322 Oakton St.

$5-10 suggested

Join the Trade School Evanston and the Chicago Time Exchange as they announce their collaboration! Learn about each organization, share food during a potluck, and bring an instrument to jam down.


Music by Stephanie Rearick

and Mindy Bartlett

And YOU!

$5-10 suggested donation to support Stephanie Rearick's Sharing Economy Tour, the Chicago Time Exchange, and the Trade School Evanston BUT NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY!

The Trade School Evanston is an open learning community run on barter where anyone can teach. Pay for class with items and services, not money.

The Chicago Time Exchange is an online skill bank where the currency is time and everyone's time is equal.

Saturday Sept. 21, 1-3pm
TimeBank Picnic Lansing Michigan

Meet fellow Time Bank members. (maybe meet someone to exchange with soon)

Enjoy some food (the Time bank will provide the main course with a vegan option, please bring a dish to pass!)

We will have a talk Q&A with Stephanie Rearick, Director of the Dane county Time Bank. The Dane County Timebank has a youth justice focus and Stephanie has many inspiring stories to tell us from their 7 year journey. Hearing Stephanie speak is what started Edge Brussel (our member coordinator) to want to build a Time Bank for Lansing.

Saturday Sept. 21, 8pm
WHFR Benefit at Trinosophes!
1464 Gratiot, Detroit, Michigan

WHFR is excited to have our latest fundraising concert at Trinosophes in Detroit. This evening of experimental sounds will feature performances from local shoegazer/indie band CRUISE ITALY, local experimental group ARTHUR CROW, and Madison, WI Casio-pop artist STEPHANIE REARICK JR. This event has a suggested donation of $7 at the door BUT has a sliding scale of $5-$10. Doors open at 8 and music should start by 8:45. More information can be found on our Facebook Page and we will be posting more information here soon:

Sunday Sept. 22, 1-4pm
TimeBanking Training, Detroit MI
location tba

Monday Sept. 23
lunch with city managers

Wednesday Sept. 25
Launch of the Pontiac SUN TimeBank
114 Orchard Lake, Pontiac MI

Thursday Sept. 26, 8pm
Stephanie Rearick Jr. show
229 Cleveland Ave NW Canton OH

w/ Pirate Jenny and Allen Cruz


KCTB Mini-Conference!
Kent, OH
September 27, 2013 6:30 p.m. potluck
September 28, 2013 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. workshop

Saturday Sept. 28
Stephanie Rearick Jr. show
Studio Akron (above Crave Restaurant)
57 W. Market, Akron OH

The line-up for the evening will start at 8:00 and is:
1. Rebekah Jean (30 min set)
2. Chimney Swift and the Echoes
3. Stephanie Rearick Jr.
4. Fever Force

Chimney Swift & The Echoes:

Fever Force:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 12:30pm
Institute for Policy Studies Office
30 Germania St, Building L
Jamaica Plain, MA

Cooperative Economy brown bag lunch discussion.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 7:00pm

Jamaica Plain Forum
Boston, MA

Across the nation, “cooperative” and “gift” economies are on the rise. People are bartering, gifting, sharing, and trading time instead of money. Join us to talk about this inspiring trend with Stephanie Rearick, Director of the Dane County Time Exchange, one of the country’s most vibrant time banks with over 2,000 members. Stephanie is currently on a “rolling conference” across the US to learn more about the ways the cooperative economy is unfolding.

Join Stephanie to learn about time banking and other forms of cooperative economy, including how time banks can be integrated with local businesses and community currencies, and how cooperative economies can help address our current climate and financial crises. Hear inspiring stories from Stephanie’s tour about cooperation in action.

Stephanie’s talk will be followed by an orientation to the Time Trade Circle, the Boston-area time bank with over 700 members.

To help shape a newly forming JP “node” of the Time Trade Circle, please contact Sarah Byrnes.

What is a time bank? A time bank is an organization where members have a bank account of time, and exchange time-based services with other members. It’s a pool of members, and operates like a circle, not a one-to-one swap or barter. In a time bank, for example, Lara makes a cake for Aldo, Keren gives skiing lessons to David, Dianne gives Carol ride to the airport, Carol paints a painting for Louisa, Krystyna lends her vacation house to Alice, etc. You get time credit for the services you provide, and you can spend that time on services that other members offer. The Time Trade Circle lets us share our own skills and get help from others who offer things we need. See for more info.

Wednesday, October 2, 2:30 - 6pm
From Divestment to Reinvestment: Unplugging from Fossil Fuels to Empower the New Economy
UMass Darthmouth

Chuck Collins talking about divestment and moving dollars from the fossil fuel to the new economy.

Panel chaired by Rachel Kulick of UMD with

Carlos from Jamaica Plain New Economy
Stacey about cooperatives
Stephanie about the Dane County Time Exchange.

Audience is UMD faculty, staff, and students, time exchange members and community members

Friday, Oct. 4,10pm
Stephanie Rearick Jr. show
Branded Saloon
Brooklyn, NY

Free show. Pass the hat.

Gianni from the pine hollows opens.

Saturday, Oct. 5
NYC Training for TimeBankers

Sunday, Oct. 6
Media PA Training for New TimeBankers

Details here:

During and after this I'll be doing sharing economy stuff and/or shows in Pennsylvania, Istanbul, Baltimore, DC, Tampa, New Orleans and St. Louis.

Check for details on show as they emerge. Check out - and subscribe to - my blog at for more about the sharing economy stuff.

Buy Dreamworld and/or support the Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour!

Thanks for paying attention

Jon Hain
Wed, Oct 2, 2013

Beau O'Reilly's "100 Reasons to buy the Maestro Subgum Box Set"

100 Reasons Why You Should Buy, Be Interested in, Investigate, the Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box!
by Beau O'Reilly

1. No Matter Who You Are You Have Never Heard All Of These Songs

2. JIGGLE THE CONSTABLE The sound is great, rescued from the poor mastering job of the original vinyl pressing by Leigh and Jon at Uvulittle. As good as LOST LOST LOST is, and it is, JIGGLE is more cohesive and charming.

3. JIGGLE Here Bob’s trumpet, with Blair shadowing him on baritone like a happy puppy. He swings and plays more Dixieland then rock n’ roll.

4. MORE JIGGLE: The Jenny songs, “Simone” and “Skit Skit Skat” rock, the lyrics spin stories and she leads the vocal charge with such ease. And the piano drum horn groove of these tracks; we had played them a lot before recording them, and it shows.

5. MORE JIGGLE: Bob’s “Face” song is so cool and surprising, Bob’s driving acoustic guitar against Blair’s tuba, the pared-down weary lyric, Colm and Jenny’s tight harmony.

6. Ned and guest Randy Farr’s percussion throughout the disc.

7. Colm’s sly lead vocal on “Nookieland.”

8. Bryn Magnus’s tremendously funny lyrics to “Nookieland.”

9. The momentum and group cohesion of “Life Outta Whack”

10. MISTY MOUNTAIN — Kate sings this great!!! And the band guests, particularly Eddie Carlson on bass, thicken the arrangement without weighing it down.

11. The vocal coda, which repeats and repeats: “And If There’s a Tunnel Inside of Me,” to end Beau and Miki’s “4 Steps.” Survivor triumphant .

12. The blunt strange truth of Beau and Miki’s “Love is Dead.”

13. Colm’s original cover art, which transfers well to disc size. Jiggle is the bomb.

14. The Box set — The Box Itself, how it feels, the way it opens...

15. The packaging, lovingly put together by Jon Hain, using old Colm gig posters, photos and interesting liner notes from yours truly and Jon Hain, and a history of the band from Ned O’Reilly.

16. DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER The original tapes were in bad shape, edits had aged and deteriorated, again restored amazingly by Leigh and Jon.

17. The songs. The set is delightful and at, times, grand. The great song “We’re All Smiles” has Beau, Kate and Jenny each taking a verse for the first time, a cool Miki tune and a great horn-like bass line from Steve Hashimoto.

18. STUFF AWAY struts and swings ominous with cool bass and drums, Beau and Ned O’s twin vocals, Jenny’s flute and producer James Bond’s sax.

19. THE JUDY GARLAND SONG is a fine vocal from me and Joe Huppert on piano, tracking each other through a great Greg Brown story, with Pat Fleming’s mood beauty guitar.

20. Kate’s leads on Joe’s French song and Hashimoto’s bass on “Life Atonal.”

21. Ned’s lead vocal (so bass!) on BOMBS ALONG THE SEINE and the choral vocal there, how well James recorded that.

22. COME ON PETE is Colm’s sweet kid lead against Jenny’s sweet lady lead.

23. Ned’s lyrical turns on UPWARDLY MOBILE, Joe Huppert’s piano throughout.

24. If you are like me you have forgotten how wild and satisfying STORMIN’ AND A FEVER and HOT OLD WADDA are, or maybe you never knew because your roommate’s boom box stretched the tape, but here it is and it is something. We always called them “the double amazement tapes” and recorded them all in one big swoop. It starts with “Davey,” Bob’s multiple trumpets and Jenny’s lead vocal, Blair’s tuba pumping the bass line, so good.

25. Side One of STORMIN’ AND A FEVER rocked. Ned’s drums drive the art songs: “Trouble,” “Bobby,” “Oilslick.”

26. BOTTLE UP BABY is us at our most raw and experimental — the group vocals are rocking now.

27. Miki leads DOGGY with such good cheer

28. STORMIN’ Side Two is ripe with great ballads. See: me and Miki’s “Jeanie.”

29. Ditto HABIT IS HUNGER, the first song me and Mr. Greenberg wrote together.

30. Jenny’s CIRCUMSTANCES. “Man tit, no shit”!!! Which features some great body percussion from Ned.

31. OH MY GOD IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL with everybody going a capella and “Funny Little Love,” Kate’s best recorded lead and Bob’s trumpet playing off of her, “Goddam the Empty Sky,” which is emotionally massive, an anthem for all us existentialists; the sweetness of “Old Man Moon,” the odd pop yearning of “Planets and Stars.” This side I would play at any “Best of Maestro” set! Michael Greenberg really comes out here as a songwriter and a player.

32. HOT OLD WADDA Side One is us in our most cabaret song mode. Ned plays a lot of percussion and the piano leads the way, the great “Jane Says,” and “Love Never Showed Up” from Jenny and Bryn, character-driven songs “Operatic Obsession,” “What Did He Do,” “Turnin Wheel” “Ape Date,” — with Colm’s I-am-sixteen-and-I-give-a-shit-out-of-the-corner-of-my-mouth vocal — Bob’s “123” and “Gotta Lotta Love” — so funny! — Jenny’s feisty, irreverent “Cherub in the Alley” and “The Hard On Song,” Blair’s gentle vocal on “Sweat An Inch.” Hot Old Wadda is one great song after another.

33. A SOFT FIST IN A HARD PLACE Okay, okay, fess up: who are the three people who actually knew about this when it came out? Or the other seven who actually listened to it later? What you have been missing is the soundtrack to our musical, “Careening Is a Skill.” The best things about it? Jenny’s melodies throughout, Paul Amandes’s vocal arrangements, James Bond’s wonderful recordings of the choral stuff — no overdubs! — and the vocal performance of that chorus (which is mostly Ned, Jenny, Kate, Julie Jordan, my brother Beano, and a bit of me), Jenny and Michael Greenberg teaming up as songwriters with “Ate Her Life” and “Better Off Dead,” my and Jenny’s lyrical play throughout. There are lots of nice musical surprises: the strings and Jenny’s flute, James Bond’s horn touches, Eddie Balchowsky and Miki’s three-handed piano improv coming out of “Ate Her Life.” Some of my and Jenny’s oddest songwriting together: “Give You Have,” “Lips Of the Abyss,” the original versions of “Careening,” “Darkness,” and “Davey,” all staples in our live shows... There are some cringes — the strings shriek at one another here and there, and I would love to redo all my vocal entrances... But this is cool and rare.

34. THE RARES DISC Very hard for me not to put this at the top of the list. Some unevenness of sounds because of wide range of source recordings. Turn up the bass and ride the volume a bit — it’ll make the whole disc sound better. Don’t let me shove everything out of the way and put Rares at the top of the reasons to buy this, but I am listening to it constantly, just so you know. The fact of all this unreleased stuff returning to my mythical turntable is amazing.

35. MORE RARES: The 70’s version of the band — me, my sister Cecilie and the pianist Kit Keasey (who wrote “Turnin Wheel” and “Job With the Mob”) — are represented by two songs. “Burn The Money,” with cool harmonies and whimsical language over a driving piano figure, is in many ways The Maestro Thing that would always stay with us; “Nights the Wind” is me and Cec singing Brother Ned’s song, with Kit’s piano playing off of our old pal Court Dorsey’s harmonica. Me and Cec really singing together here! Recorded by Jeff Levy, my sound pal from the Juicy John Pink’s days. Kit was a great pianist and she sounds good here. There are about twenty more songs in the archives from this era... “Burn the Money” was a staple through the next version of the band.

36. MORE RARES: The rock n’ roll post-Kit and Cec version of the band is represented here by a handful of songs. “I’m Not Like Anybody Else,” us at our most smirky anarchist strutting selves, Lefty popping off and each of the players taking a turn...

37. I’M THE DISEASE and AUTOMATE ME, our rock n’ roll single. The band drives: Larry’s bass, Bernie’s guitar, John Herndon’s drums; this was a formidable band live and me and Ned sing great together.

38. RARES makes a big jump here: “Animal Energy” and “Kissamee” are both horn-driven songs from the Mark Holman-on-trombone and Bob-on-trumpet era of the band. These songs come from the Iron Horse Tape in ’92. The horns were always good, but Mark’s trombone made parts soar, with Bob playing at his best. Beau (me) sings the lead on “Energy,” Colm on “Kissamee.” This period is when the three-vocal attack with Jenny was at its most idiosyncratic and inventive.

39. EAT THE BEAUTY is all three of us here, as opposed to the Don’t Flirt version, where Jenny takes the lead throughout. Ned and Miki had been playing together for about five years at this point, and they are really in sync. The horns smoke. These tracks are all live.

40. LILI GRACE Great Bryn lyric on “Lili.” Bryn Magnus was our secret weapon: lyrical arcane poetical twisty images, usually set to Jenny’s music. See any Bryn-Jenny song — “Jane Says,” “Prairie Night,” “Prayers for the Undoing of Spells.” One of my favorite writers, Mr. Magnus. Whatever he’s writing, he should send it to Jenny to set to music. Special special special! Hearing all these songs in the Box reminds me why.

41. BLUE One of Jenny’s great songs from this period. The band is stretching its jazz chops here, Mark Messing’s bassoon off of Jenny’s flute. “Blue” is a great song and there are even better versions, post-horns, in the archives where Jenny alone, vocally moody and heartbreaking, really leans into the flute. That’s the version I listen to, and if you own the Box you can access the archives and listen to it too.

42. LEFT LUNG COLLAPSED is a rare one. Mr. Greenberg and I never wrote a better song, and Colm sings the hell out of it. Cool horn part.

43. CAGE TO BLISS into THE DOG is a straight take, no overdubs. “The Dog” is restored to its proper place, yapping at the end of “Cage,” which remains one of my favorite pieces of work as a writer — ‘cause it’s true and a pop song, ‘cause it uses “Gotta structure, gotta system, a cage to keep my bliss in” as a chorus and gets away with it.

44. SPENCER SUNDEL Spencer recorded all of the just-mentioned tracks and most of At the Warthog Museum. He was a master at on-the-spot mixes, usually done in mono, direct to DAT. I can always tell a Spencer recording. The balance of horns, off-lead and multi-lead vocals morphing into backing vocal parts, the invisible bass sounds that he found with the lower keys of Miki’s piano off of Ned’s bass drum. Sundel was a card-carrying member of the band and toured and recorded with us most of our last 4 years together. He rarely played — that’s his Armageddon guitar on “Seven” — but he made us sound good. Particularly hard when you have multiple lead singers who keep shifting on stage.

45. RARES’s final live tracks are after Colm, Spencer and the horns left: demo rehearsals of “Your Dreams Are Bleeding Over Into Mine,” “Lover Moon,” “Wake Up on the Floor,” with the instrumental trio of Ned, Michael and bassist Liz Payne. Michael plays with great freedom and relaxation, some jazz-like stretching here. Ned always wanted to play with a bass player, and with Liz we got that. Most of the vocals were just me and Jenny, less composed, more like siblings singing off of each other. Colm always said this was his favorite period of the band.

46. The last two live songs are actually from The Betsy Years, a band that Ned, Colm, Liz, and sometimes Spencer had. The tracks are both Maestro recordings, though, with Colm tearing up “Wall of Youth” by Jenny, and “Jeanie” by me and Michael; Michael sits in here, and the songs were recorded at a Maestro show. It’s a chance to kick it with Colm, the Clem of the Bogs, so...

47. STICKY TICKY LIQUID The remix, from Fot Records, “Sticky Ticky” is that great synchrony of Ned’s body percussion, Jenny’s lead and Bob and Colm’s harmonies, with the rest of us fluttering around... The remix is fun, reverby.

48. AT THE WARTHOG MUSEUM If you were a Maestro fan, you have this record. Seventeen songs, three quarters of it live. All of those were recorded by Spencer Sundel. This is my favorite Maestro record. The remastering brings out some nice detail. Even the four studio tracks, which felt like a compromise at the time, feel great here. Rick Barnes recorded the studio stuff and we mixed with him — we always mixed with the engineer, learning on our feet, insisting on consensus. The whole thing catches the band at its prime.

49. MORE WARTHOG MUSEUM First, the design and cover stuff. This is the one where we felt cocky. ‘You want to know what we are doing? This is what we are doing!’ All clever and smart and risky. From Bob’s anagram respelling of our band’s name for the title to Colm’s fish cover. So, the songs...

50. HEY JACK God, this was a wonderful time to be a writer... All of the writers in this band were good lyricists, and we pushed and cheered each other on to make songs that tickled and investigated the odd ways that people have with each other. “Jack” starts with Lefty’s germanesque greeting, then in comes this great little drum figure with horns and flutes. The multi-lead singer that was always a part of the Maestro sound, the harmonies swinging in with this three-voice distinction that me and Jen and Colm really perfected on this record here, Bob always coming up with a harmony part that bridged the gaps, and the way the horns swing back and forth, and Bob’s trumpet break and then Mark’s “I stumbled into a phone booth, beg pardon,” indeed.

51. MISTER MUCKRACKER One of my favorite songs to sing along with, even though I don’t sing a note here and never have done it live. Colm’s matter-of-fact, mournful reporting vocals, and Bob and Jenny’s clever vocal parts. Miki’s first ominous chords and restraint throughout the song. Michael played electric piano on most of this record, which can often be a limitation for a piano player, but on this record Miki finds all the rhythmic support edges to the instrument, rarely taking solos, in favor of letting the horns shine...

52. STICKY TICKY LIQUID Go on and check those drawers, “CHECK IT CHECK IT!” Jenny’s paean to the joys of menstruation, all joyfully belted out with her all male band mates. That Jenny-Ned-Bob-Colm percussive a capella thing... Us at our most happy.

53. LATE NIGHT MARY Horns drive — Mark Holman on trombone, which means it was great. Colm storms through the verses and delivers the chorus like the pro he had become, drums and piano in the groove. From the Iron Horse Tape, live of course. “Under late night covers she’ll go looking for lovers, soon she’ll be sneaking back home...” Me and Mr. Greenberg, writing together like a glove and a fist at this point.

54. CONSTANT ERECTION An odd song, even by my standards. Kinda truthful though, and funny, truthful and funny.

55. MADMAN ON THE BUS Jenny hates this song, even though she added one line: “She shouts in Latin, conjugating her disgust,” which is a great line that I would never write. My line was, “She shouts in Latin, finger pops her pus,” which is so good I ought to build something out of it, like a moldy shed or a log cabin. Bob plays cool guitar, and Mark does both horns with a soprano sax solo that’s almost pop. Good, hooky music from Mr. Greenberg. I later would sing all the verses in Hidden Chronicles shows with Mr. Greenberg, but here we take turns, and we are having a good old time doing so.

56. AMAZY GRACE I love this song, singing falsetto off Jenny and Colm, especially the chorus: “Amazy Grace was sweet, she recognized her own name.” Listen next time for the story. Jenny stories are always beautiful, weirdly touching in their vulnerable search for grace — this is one of those!

57. LAZINESS AND IGNORANCE Horns’ night out on this one, Bob and Mark really stretching. I sing it alone as I always did; in the Joe Tech-Larry Jones days, it sometimes stretched to 20 minutes, with me falling over backwards to end the set... BAH BA BAAAAHHH!!! This is a Greg Brown song, and it’s actually “Ignorance and Laziness.” My bad, I fucked up the title years ago. I have really studied this as a piece of writing a few times, with the thought of writing something comparable, but I can’t do it. It’s one of the ones where my hat is off to Greg and it’s staying off... You’ll find more Lazinesses in the archives if you buy the box. They were all different.

58. TATTOOS ARE HOW YOU TELL So, Bob Jacobson is such a funny man, and his songs... We always cleared things out to make room for a new one. Bob sings it like a Cheshire cat.

59. WHY? Jenny: “Sell it boys...” A bad-girl-slacker tale of sloth and indolence, with Jenny and the horns working off each other like they are on a hot date in a boxing ring.

60. BLUE DEVIL Miki and John Shaw lyrics, back and forth leads from Colm and Jenny, a very hooky song.

61. PRAIRIE NIGHT This is a Bryn Magnus lyric. One of the great things about Maestro, besides having three terrific lyricists in the band, is that we worked regularly with Bryn Magnus and John Starrs, who both could write like a dream on lots of different topics. It’s because of Michael Greenberg and Jenny Magnus that their work was turned into songs, so I don’t get to pat myself on the back, but I dig it. P.S.: I defy you to think of another band that has three good lyricists as good as me and Bob and Jenny. And don’t even talk to me about the Beatles, because Ringo was so far ahead of the rest of them that they never would have made it without him.

62. LAST GASP Pretty much a Miki lyric. A pretty good one, too.

63. FAT RED MELON One of the few songs that me and Bob wrote together. Does anybody have a bootleg copy of “Where’s My Tracheotomy Tube”? We’ve been looking for that one. I wrote the words. It was always a big soaring triumphant chorus live and the recording catches that , and Bob played pretty cool guitar on it.

64. WHAT CAN BE WANTED Jenny, again: “Sell it boys...” A bad-girl-slacker tale of hunger and desire, with Jenny and the horns working off each other like they are on a hot date in a boxing ring. Yup.

65. TROUBLE I think the only song I ever participated in that was written like this. Me, Jenny, Bryn, and our roommate Rachel X Weisman , each wrote a verse, sitting around on a Sunday night. Jenny sang it to the rest of the band, and everybody just made up the tune on the spot.

66. As good as you think LOST LOST LOST is if you’re a Maestro fan, it’s probably that and better. It was built around some of our older tunes, as well as some of the things we were writing that month, so it has this complete feel to it, and this new burst of energy feel at the same time. Well recorded and mixed.

67. YOU’RE A DANDY / STINK Weird-ass medley that nobody ever wants to play anymore, I guess ‘cause it’s hard. The horns drive, Jenny tears it up, the rest of us not far behind.

68. BAMBOO GURU When Colm was a little kid, say 10 or 11, he made a fake album cover for a fake band that he had with his friends in grammar school. It was a beautiful cover. One of the song titles was “Bamboo Guru.” I wrote the words, off of the title, in one sitting. And it’s the closest I’ve ever come to having really something to say about God-with-a-big-G. The Bamboo Guru would often appear in our live concerts, with Lefty describing him as this tiny little being that could hop into your inner ear. I’ve never heard anyone sing it except Colm, who sang it so great that I wouldn’t even try.

69. LOVE ELEVATOR At this period it was really great for me, the challenge of writing lyrics to songs that would then be sung by other members of the band. “Love Elevator” I wrote for Kate to sing, but the story came from Ned the drummer’s sadness over breaking up with a girlfriend while working room service at a fancy hotel. Lovely melody from Mr. Greenberg.

70. EARLY NUNNLY Usually makes it on everybody’s list of favorite Maestro Subgum songs. “Above and below, above and below, Early Nunnly knew he knew what only a few could know...” It’s on my 200 Favorites list (See Chicago Arts Journal, Issue 1).
1. RAINY DAY Oh man, is this a good song. I wrote it in a doorway, completely soaked by the rain. I walked over to Miki’s house and he sat down and figured out chords to it.

72. LULLABY FROM A WEIRD PLACE I believe that this is officially a Jenny and Miki song, although I always think of it as a Jenny song. Jenny wrote it after seeing a sad play across the street at another theater. And Stephanie Rearick from Uvulittle used to do it in her shows. It’s not on my 200 Favorites list, because everything can’t be.

73. RISING LIKE STEAM Written the day after our friend Eddie Balchowsky hopped or fell in front of a train.Its his story . I really can’t talk about this song, except to say that if you’re a songwriter and you only get to write one with a collaborator that you’re really writing well with, this is the one. Break my heart, baby.

74. THAT’S SOME SERIOUS This song is such a flip from “Rising Like Steam.” It’s a caper song about robbing a hotdog stand, which I never really did, but probably should have. It’s hooky as hell, too. In the early days of Crooked Mouth, we often did this song. If you have a band, you should do it too.

75. MICKY TAKES THE WHEEL Mr. Greenberg had such a distinctive way of playing — the Miki bounce, we called it — that sometimes in those days he would just take off. “micky takes the wheel” is just him taking off in the studio, without any of us realizing he was doing it.

76. DOWNTOWN Written by the great Greg Brown. I just sang it on Saturday night. I’ve been singing it off and on for 30 years, sometimes with Colm, sometimes with my brother Ned. It’s one of the 4 or 5 songs I do that people always ask for, and goddamit I didn’t write a word or a note. In the archives there’s an earlier, much more rock n’ roll recording of it with the Larry Jones-Joe Tech version of the band.

77. CHAOS AND RUIN This is a John Shaw song. John was quite a songwriter in his own right, and had a band with Kate called the Wild Onion Rhythm Babies. When we were making the album we really wanted another Kate lead, and this was the one. A beautiful song.

78. PONY TAIL Written by the great Bob Jacobson. I just sang it on Saturday night. I’ve been singing it off and on for 20 years. It’s one of the 4 or 5 songs I do that people always ask for. And goddamnit I didn’t write a word or a note. Yup.

79. SEVEN Written by me and Joe Tech Huppert in the early days of the rock and roll version of the band. We played it often then, recorded it at Acme, but it wasn’t until this version of the band that the song really found its way. Spencer recorded the electric guitar part on the night the bombs started falling in the first Iraq war. The song has all that dread, fear, survival.

80. SOONER OR LATER Jenny’s big Armageddon song of the period. She’s running like hell, with something chasing after her, and the rest of us are just trying to keep up.

81. RUBBER HOSE This is the one I wrote with Greenberg specifically for Jenny to sing. It’s a love song about people who are losers in this life, never get any, but get sucked up through a rubber hose into the infinite, where they get it on nightly.

82. PRAYERS FOR THE UNDOING OF SPELLS Bryn wrote this as a closing song of a play by the same name that we did, Jenny wrote the music and sang it. It’s as good as anything we ever did, and it’s on my list of 200 Favorites (CAJ Issue 1).

83. You can join the DON’T FLIRT controversy! So, Jenny Magnus, one of the principal writers of this album, declares this to be our best work; Michael Greenberg finds it almost unlistenable, says he can never get through the whole album; Jon Hain, the curator of this project, finds the digital quality of the sound worrisome; Beau wishes that he had re-done the vocals. He sounds beat up and tired (he was, I guess); the band was losing members rapidly: Bob, Spencer, Mark and Colm all left pretty much together (although Colm continued to be there, often doing sound, singing his parts loudly from the soundboard). Jeremy Manier, the rarely-mentioned member of the band who played cello and bass (quite well, usually), was fired by Michael in a fit of pique for the classic reason a guy gets fired from a band, “musical differences,” and replaced by Liz Payne on bass for our final run. So, what gives with this album, musically?

84. CAREENING IS A SKILL still has Bob, Mark and Colm. The song often started the shows then; it’s fast and careening here, great. Ned, Michael, and Jenny all in the pocket.

85. DUST AND SELF DISGUST has everyone too, with a frenetic and frightening lead vocal from Colm. Some of my darkest writing, and a horn throwdown.

86. Jenny’s harmonies often replace the group’s — compare “Eat the Beauty” here with the one on Rares. This is when Jenny really perfected her style of stacking harmony on harmonies. She still likes to record like this.

87. THE NO SONG dates back to before I met Jenny. We put it in Bryn’s play The Weirdly Sisters, and here Jenny sings it with Jeremy playing a walking bass line on cello, Ned echoing the “No, like Yoko” vocal line. This was before anybody thought Yoko was cool for any reason… Jenny knew, though.

88. HERMAPHRODITE An even earlier Jenny song, and even simpler. Jenny always liked working with Ned — they were both percussionists and were interested in being sparse here. Both of these Jenny songs are on my 200 Favorites list (Chicago Arts Journal, Issue 1). Colm plays piano here, a rare moment.

89. CRAWLING TOWARDS YOU Everybody always figured me for these feelings ‘cause I sang it and was ravaged by heartbreak daily at this time, but really Mr. Greenberg wrote most of it. I wrote the biblical verse. One of my good vocals. The horns kick, break your fucking heart if you listen too closely.

90. What I find on repeated listening back is that my tired and sort of beaten vocals work on some things and not on others. On RATS COME OUT IN THE WATER, it seems right, and this song is so huge that a strong vocal might even overwhelm it. It lays the lyrics out clearly, and the moodiness of the arrangement.

91. On the other hand, WOMEN WEAR THEIR DRESSES OUT is still one of my favorite songs from this era, and I still perform it all the time because I think my vocal sucks on this recording. If you listen to it too, you can have an opinion, or you can come to one of my current shows, and I’ll be happy to sing it for you.

92. FLIM FLAM LOVER Great vocal from me, yay me.

93. DEATH RAG is where I really notice the loss of Colm vocally. It’s Ned the drummer who does the third vocal part, but I dig this arrangement, with Jenny taking part of the lead and me taking the rest of it. I love this song, and still do it live every time I get a chance. Probably one of the 4 or 5 best things that Mr. Greenberg and I did together, writing-wise.

94. This probably feels grotesquely maniacal, and it is. If you listen to all of this, you can tell me how I could’ve done this part of it better. You’re invited to have an opinion, even a strong opinion, and that’s what I call opportunity.

95. ORACULAR VERNACULAR is great. The bass clarinet on it, which I believe is Ken Vandermark, really rocks, as it does on “Johnny Craze.” The rhythm section is really tight on both of these songs, and Jenny is having a good time. What’s not to like?

96. HENRY, HANK, AND JUNE is the best work from the forgotten man, Jeremy Manier, on the cello. I often think about this song, and have tried to recreate it as a whole play a couple of times. There’s a good, clear story line, and my vocal does not suck.

97. DREAMT WE WERE I sure do like it when me and Jenny sing the “Don’t misplace me, please” part, ‘cause it’s so vulnerable. And the dreams, which are the main part of the verse, were all real. And Mr. Greenberg did a nice setting on the piano.

98. LEFTY LUDES and the spoken sections on At the Warthog Museum are all built out of Lefty improvised monologues. They’re snatches, really, mostly done by Ned, the drummer, where he would take a bit and play with it in the studio. I never loved these, but now listening back I think they are nice snapshots of not just the Lefty language but of sound experiments of that era — tape loops, random radio sounds intermixed — edited with a nice restraint by Ned. Still, I felt then and feel now like the longer Lefty monologues were really the piece of art, but they never seemed to fit onto the musical records. If you buy the box set, it gives you access to the archives, where you can hear those long monologues for yourself, and you can decide.

99. The 30 or so live shows in the archives really show the range of the band, from its earliest days to its conclusions. In some ways it’s a much better way to experience Maestro Subgum and the Whole than the albums ever were. And when you buy the box set, you can hear that for yourself.

100. There’s at least a whole album of unreleased stuff, studio-wise and live-wise, that I think should be in every home in America, including “Watermelon,” which we recorded for Ponk, and “Private Joke,” which me and Colm sang and we gave to Ponk for a compilation. And a number of unreleased Michael and Beau songs, in demo forms. And “Hundred Bucks a Pop,” by Jeff Kowalkowski, that me and Jenny and Jeff recorded in the last official version of Maestro Subgum, which was a trio. As well as a genuine pile of stuff from the Kit and Beau and Cecilie sessions in Madison, that was never put out in any form. Plus some early rockin’ versions of “Downtown” and “Eat This,” recorded at Acme Studios, with the Larry Jones, Joe Tech, and Ned O’Reilly version of the band. If you buy this box set, this will help me in urging Jon Hain to release more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Feb 8, 2014

Some Kinds of Love

I'll be playing a show here in Madison on Valentine's Day and another in Chicago the following Friday.

The theme, especially for the Valentine's show, is "Some Kinds of Love." That's both my tribute to the late great Lou Reed and what all the songs I'll play that night are about. All different kinds of love. I really don't write much about romantic love, especially straightforward 'I love you, can't live without you' kind of stuff (which often makes me puke) - but there is some of it. And love of world, friends, music, neighborhood, etc.

Speaking of love, I'm really excited to play the Chicago show on Feb. 21. This celebrates a new book by my friend and long-time artistic hero Jenny Magnus. I'll play 3 of her songs, all of which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, including my all-time favorite Maestro Subgum song "Lullaby from a Weird Place." And many other old friends and artists who I love will be performing and attending.

I hope to see you at one of these shows if you're nearby.


Stephanie Rearick
Tue, Mar 4, 2014

every thing everything

I'm writing a lot lately and feeling an itch to record again this year. And for whatever reason the title and artwork are preceding some of the music, and that's cool with me. It'll be 'every thing everything' and I need to get permission for the photo I want to use for artwork, and don't know yet who it is. Recognize it?

Anyway, it'll be Jr. stuff, piano stuff, new stuff, a couple covers (at least one Jenny Magnus/Maestro Subgum), some things I'm writing for other projects. Ooh, maybe even some microtonal... we'll see...


Speaking of other projects, I'll have the honor and fun of being part of a house band for "Are We Delicious?"

Are We Delicious? is an ensemble of Madison writer/performers who conceive, write, rehearse and perform an original one-hour comedy-variety show in a single week. Everyone writes, everyone acts and no one can rest until the final curtain.

with Andrew Rohn, Biff Blumfumgagnge, Sean Michael Dargan, Meghan Rose and I'm sorry I'm not sure who the 6th is - another stellar one I'm sure. Each of us will write a song for the play and we all play them all live. intense! fun!


Ladyscissors has plans to record too!

Looking forward to a music-filled Spring

Hope yours is too. I can help if you want ;)

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Apr 12, 2014

Rearick music upcomings - shows, sale, recordings, tour!


I'm so happy to have some music news to report. It's been a long cold lonely winter.

Spring is bringing lots of nice changes, including I have a lot of fun music opportunities coming up.

But first - buy some stuff from me! I've recorded most or all of the tracks
for my next record 'every thing everything' and you can help me pay for it
(the great Ed Reardon's doing it again! from his new home in Vienna) by
buying some of my previous music. You can get the whole collection - all six of my solo albums - for $31. If seven of you do this you'll pay the bill so far and the more of you who do it, the more I can avoid paying out of pocket from money I don't have as we mix, and the more I can start to pay Ed what he's really worth.

and I have some cool shows coming up.

May 1 and 2 are the performances of Are We Delicious? Musical Fantasy, in
which I'm one of 6 musicians - the others are all wonderful: Andrew Rohn
(music director and player), Biff Blumfumgagnge, Meghan Rose, Sean Michael
Dargan, and Scott Lamps - who will write and perform music for 6 short
theater pieces, all of which will be written, rehearsed and performed within one week. It's going to be super cool! A lot of work and a lot of fun. Please come see it!

May 9 my band Ladyscissors (I'm on drums and vox, Lorrie Hurckes guitar and
vox, Anne Bull bass and vox, Brent George guitar. It's kind of jangly rock
and roll, a little Velvet Undergroundy, and little rockabillyish sometimes)
plays at Mr. Roberts here in Madison. I don't know the other details yet,
stay tuned at and I'll post more there. You
can also friend me up on facebook.

(argh, I'm trying to find P.S. Mueller's facebook cartoon from last week's
Isthmus to link to for your amusement, but can't find it online - so
Madisonians you should go check that out)

Next week Ladyscissors makes our first record! Jon Hain (Uvulittle Records
mogul) will record us. We're really excited.

In June I'll be on a little tour out to the east coast, mainly for work but
I'll try to play some shows too. Let me know if you want to help set
something up or get the word out. On the agenda so far: Chicago (May 31, no
shows scheduled anywhere yet), Ithaca NY, Gardiner ME, Brattleboro VT, Boston MA, Philadelphia PA, Lansing and Detroit MI. May 31 - June 14. You on the route? Get in touch! You can contact me through my website

That's enough for now. I hope to see you if you're in the vicinity of any of these upcoming shows. And don't forget, you can buy my music super cheap
right now! Makes a great gift...

Barry Bennett
Mon, Jul 28, 2014

Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Barry Bennett Impending News
Mon, Jul 28, 2014
Hey Beauties…

There a bit to tell you that you might be interested in, so I should get to it. First a word of advice: if you use Pandora or some such service, make a radio station with Gong as the keyword with Hawkwind as a variety word. Enjoy…

***** MARIPOSA NOCTURNA: A Puppet Triptych / 16TH STREET THEATER * 6420 16th Street Berwyn, IL/ AUG 15TH&16TH @ 7:30PM – AUG 17TH@3PM / *****

I was thrilled to compose the score for this special, individual work from the mind Stephanie Diaz..

16th Street Theater says, ” A child’s wish for her dying grandmother to have “a happy sleep” results in a bawdy, Japanese shadow-dream; a pair of bird-headed spinsters suddenly find themselves custodians of a large, glowing egg; a lonely toy carriage embarks upon a jaunty odyssey in search of buried dreams. Employing handcrafted tabletop and shadow puppets, Mariposa Nocturna explores loss, longing and rebirth in this gently humorous, darkly beautiful and emotionally resonant new work.”

click for tickets:

soundtrack available for stream and download:

***** GRAPE JUICE PLUS!?!?! *****

What is it? A haunted liquid to stimulate the auditory nerves? Ape Astronaut Zira’s favorite libation? The latest group situation for music making to filter through the webbing of BarryBennettSounds?

all of the above…

Born out of a series of Monday morning sessions with guitarist Eric Klotz after Black Dot went on hiatus when everybody but Bennett either moved to Vienna, Boston, or stared a company called Pubic Good. Solo shows as BarryBennettSounds were going well and are ongoing, but still had the desire to get out of his sandbox and curate a group. His friend Eric had expressed interest in doing some playing at Cigars & Stripes after a Black Dot show….

we’re off to see the wizard, i guess…


recorded live in 2008 at Burkhart Underground on Noble. Features original MiLkBabies David Lee Smith and Myself on Handsonics and Mr. Burkhart vocals. Think Nurse with Wound meets Alan Ginsburg. Project was pushed to life when Fred asked me to edit the recording for release on CD and to hurry because he was down to 110 lbs. done. very limited release. CD only. Signed and numbered copies can be obtained from Fred by emailing, or a few unsigned and numbered copies will be in my merch box when you all see me out in public.


***** NEW MUSIC: Barry meets Jerry: BarryBennettSounds live @ Jerry's *****

Solo show recored live this June at Jerry's in Chicago. some of you are receiving you first newsletter after signing the list at that show! spooky, right? digital only. yummy. nice compare and contrast with full on studio stuff.


thats all for now.
thanks for making my way of life possible...

Stephanie Rearick
Sun, Oct 12, 2014

Two new records, upcoming shows! Stephanie Rearick + Ladyscissors - UK + Madison

It's been an eventful couple weeks!

I'm pleased to announce that both Ladyscissors' debut CD, Glitterbox, and my solo CD every thing everything will be back from the press this week!

The Ladyscissors release party is this
Saturday, October 18! 10pm, Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson St. Madison WI

With Peel A Peel and Venus in Furs!

My solo record, every thing everything, will be finished but I won't release it here until early 2015. I'll preview it in the UK, though - my next few shows are in London and Bristol UK

Monday October 27 - Voices at the Boogaloo 312 Archway Rd, London N6 5AT, United Kingdom
This is a showcase-style show, I'll play a few songs along with a number of other scheduled performers. Details as I get them.

Tuesday October 28 - another showcase-style show, London, details TBA

Thursday, October 30 - The Beatrice, 55 Camden High St, London NW1 7JH, United Kingdom

I open for a new side project of some of the members of The Feeling. Should be a very cool show.

Sometime around November 1-2 I'll play a show at a test-run for a festival happening later in Bristol UK. So like a mini- pre-festival, which should be really wonderful. With music and political/economic focus. Details TBA.

That's it for now. Come to the Ladyscissors show and see me off on this UK trip!

And soon you'll be able to buy Glitterbox (and a little later, every thing everything) at

Thanks for listening!


Stephanie Rearick
Mon, Feb 23, 2015

Music news for next few months - Stephanie solo + Ladyscissors

I know I don't post here all that regularly, but I'm trying to remedy that so people will know where to find information about what I'm doing musically. So here are some upcoming events:

Friday February 27, 9pm at Prop THTR 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
I'm one of many performers doing music by the legendary Beau O'Reilly of Curious Theater, Maestro Subgum and the Whole, the Crooked Mouth, etc. He has tons of great work from a long and stellar career. Plus one brand-new song with lyrics of his that I set to music. Jon Hain and I will play a duo version of that song, "Mac's Place", and the Crooked Mouth will play their own version. It'll be a like a Galapagos experiment in song evolution.

We'll also play Bamboo Guru off Lost Lost Lost, with Bob Jacobson joining on trumpet. Plus more!

Saturday March 14, 8pm at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse 1101 Williamson Madison WI - I play a short solo set, opening for the fantastic Monica Martin of Phox, then Stelth from the Lumineers on solo piano. Excellent show, not to be missed. Arrive early, doors at 7.

Friday March 20, 10pm at Mr. Roberts 2116 Atwood Ave. Madison WI -
Ladyscissors open for Katie Todd band. Another Chicago favorite! Katie is piano-based rock and roll, really fabulous music.

Saturday March 28, 8:30pm at Raymond's Bowl 3960 Johnsburg Rd. in Johnsburg IL - Ladyscissors in Lorrie's hometown!!!!


Late April I play my first show in Vienna Austria, details TBA. I will also be traveling to Rome and possibly Berlin in case you have venue or musician suggestions there.

July I'll be touring the UK with Ladyscissors bandmate Lorrie Hurckes. Playing solo shows, some duo songs and, if someone pays us a lot of money, maybe even Ladyscissors shows. Again, please let us know if you have suggestions for us.

And sometime soon, very soon, I'll officially release 'every thing everything'. Meanwhile I'm working on updating my website which you can check out at

Stephanie Rearick
Fri, May 8, 2015

Rearick show and recording news for May and June 2015


TONIGHT! I'll be playing a 1/2 hour Stephanie Rearick Jr. set between plays at Broom Street Theater, 1119 Williamson. Check it out! then stay for the play, The Point of it All, if you choose to.

And I have finally scheduled my hometown CD release party for every thing everything!
Thur. May 28, 8:30pm. Come early! I play second. FOMA opens and Gentle Brontosaurus finishes the party after I play. Please come for the whole thing and celebrate with me!

And my Vienna CD release show was awesome. A super special treat to have played 4 songs with Ed Reardon, my producer. Recording of the show may be made available upon very special request...

Last but not least on this topic, the first review of every thing everything has just come in. I love it! Thanks Rick Tvedt.

Stay tuned for much more news on the solo front

And you can catch Ladyscissors the following days and places:
June 13 - Oshkosh, WI at New Moon Coffeehouse
June 26 - Iowa City, Iowa - The Mill, opening for Daniel and the Lion
June 27 - Des Moines, Iowa at Gaslamp - Holy White Hounds / Modern Era / Ladyscissors / Lonely Monsters

thanks for reading! thanks for listening!

and you can buy every thing everything here:

Stephanie Rearick
Fri, Oct 16, 2015

Eastward mini-tour report - late Sept. - early Oct.


As some of you know, I made an attempt to do an east coast tour in late September, which was cut short by an opportunity to head to British Columbia for the Impact Economy Summit. I'll write a separate post on that but for now, a report on the eastward jaunt...

Well, first I'll back up to the Monday before I left, September 21, when the Community Response Team held a panel meeting to address the problem of police shootings in our neighborhood. It's relevant here because action like this factors into our ideas about a Mutual Aid Network for the Creative Destruction of the US Prison Industrial Complex. You can read more about that here.

A few days later I drove to Yellow Springs Ohio where I was asked to present a workshop on timebanking and Mutual Aid Networks at the Arthur Morgan Institute's Community Solutions conference, Climate Crisis Solutions: Tools for Transition.

Saturday morning Kat Walter and I did a workshop to show how timebanking can work and then brainstorm about local applications.

After that I headed to my sister Gwynne and niece Ariel's house in Dayton. I visited the great arts magnet school where Gwynne teaches art, Stivers, Gwynne and I watched the blood moon eclipse from her back deck, we all chatted about Ariel's really cool ideas about how to use timebanking to help bring a grocery store to a food desert, and had a good and relaxing time.

I went back to Yellow Springs on September 29 to do a workshop on Mutual Aid Networks. That was cool. We mainly focused on how to start timebanking effectively, how we can apply it to solve problems or build community capacity, and how the framework of Mutual Aid Networks can take it all farther. And my sister generously offered to help me with drawing in the future... :)

That evening I drove to my parents' house in Akron and had a short but sweet visit with them the next day.

Then jaunted to Kent to have dinner with the wonderful Abby Greer of Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks. Then played a show the TimeBank hosted at the Stone Tavern. That was tons of fun! and I somehow failed to take any pictures there...

Next day drove 7 hours to New York to play a show at Caffe Vivaldi. On a beautiful grand piano. A really cool crew showed up including Alessandra whom I'd recently met at Giftival in Rome, Mashi Blech the timebank goddess of NYC, Eric and Annie who had come to the MAN Up summit, dear old friends Tracy and Sabrina and Ignacio (new old friend), friends of friends and a handful of strangers (or whatever the kids are calling them these days).

I stayed up late with Sabrina, then got up the next day to drive 2 hours to see Kathy Perlow, Hasshan and Janelle of the Lehigh Valley MAN pilot. I got to hear Hasshan and Janelle's vision for building this wellness and justice-oriented community capacity development project, based in a federally qualified health center. It's really cool! You'll get a chance to learn more about it soon as we bring all our pilot sites online in a visible way, coming soon (November).

After that I drove as quickly as I could back across the country to Chicago, where I got to see my great friends Ann, Barry and Hannah, and see the play they've all been working on, MERCHILD, at 16th Street Theater in Berwyn. See it this weekend (last chance!) if you live anywhere near there! Very powerful.

and flew out early the next morning for Whistler, British Columbia, for the Impact Economy Summit. Which I'll write about next...

Stephanie Rearick
Mon, Nov 30, 2015

MAN crowdfund launches Dec 1! Plus solo show 12/14


I just finished making a little video with my friend Marina Kelly, to support our crowdfunding campaign for Mutual Aid Networks. We launch Tuesday December 1 at 7am CST and I would be ever so grateful if you would choose to go give some money. This project is how I intend to be able to make a living making music and doing the kind of community organizing work I really enjoy, and how I intend to help create a situation where everyone else can do exactly what they want, too. Check it out. Give and share if you're moved to do so.

This goes live tomorrow December 1 at 7am CST!!!

The link is too long for the format of this blog, so be sure to paste the 2nd half in from the next line, too!

and you can learn more at


And I've been practicing for my show at the Frequency.

Monday December 14, 8:30pm, the Frequency, 121 W. Main St. Madison WI
I play solo, on an electric piano. I'm not even bringing my Casio and I probably won't play trumpet either. Focusing on piano-oriented songs, including some I haven't played much in awhile.

I'm first, followed by the Hemmingbirds and Jennifer Hedstrom. Nice and early for a school night! You can even bring the kids (if they can stay up until 9:30)

Hope you can make it!

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie Rearick
Thu, Dec 10, 2015

Rearick 12/14/15 show, gift ideas, 2016 tour, MAN news etc


First things first -
I’m playing solo MONDAY! nice and early for your Tuesday morning obligations…
on electric piano so I’ll be playing a set that’s pretty different from most you’ve heard lately

Monday December 14, 8:30pm, the Frequency, 121 W. Main St. Madison WI
I'm first, followed by the Hemmingbirds and Jennifer Hedstrom. You can even bring the kids (if they can stay up until 9:30)

and this show on Monday is kind of topical, reflecting some transitions I’m making and it means something to me to mark it musically in this way…

and a lot of what it’s marking is the launch of Mutual Aid Networks (MANs) and my effort to build a network of mutual support that enables everyone to do what they want to do with their time, and have a good living from it (starting with me and anyone else we can recruit, starting in January).

Please check this page out to learn more
There’s a short video there that Marina Kelly and I just made. And now you’ll see a link to a new pilot site in South Africa! Check it out, I’m really excited about all of it...
Then please give and share if you're moved to do so.

Part of my transition, which I call MANning Up because I’ll be documenting how I can meet my needs through a variety of resource sharing and exchange tools developed in a MAN context, involves touring a lot next year. (This great article from last week's Isthmus sheds a tiny bit of light on this -

I’m asking people to share suggestions of venues to play, artists to share bills with, places to do cooperative economic stuff.

Please reply to this email if you want more information or to offer help or suggestions for the 2016 tour.

almost forgot to mention that Ladyscissors will be recording for our second album late February. Awesome! Stay tuned for To the Nines, Glitterbox, Figure it Out, Swampy and more.

And last but not least…
it’s likely you need to get gifts for people this time of year.
Don’t forget about Ladyscissors Glitterbox panties! T-shirts too!

or music and other treats from Ladyscissors, Stephanie Rearick, and other Uvulittle artists

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon
take care

Stephanie Rearick
Sun, Apr 3, 2016

Music for the times


I've been on a 5-week road trip, mostly for work (developing Mutual Aid Networks - check it out!) with one or two shows thrown in.

On the road I happened to listen to my old band's (The Coma Savants) CD, Coma Savant, for the first time in years. I really loved it. And realized it's really topical right now. Songs about the disappearance of the middle class, consumerism (late capitalism) and war, global climate change. But it's not all depressing. Made me think to put it on special so you can download it and check it out for yourself.

Then I was also thinking that leads well into Up The Wall, the continuation of thoughts on that story plus The Turnaround into a new story. Dreamworld continues it, every thing everything brings us up to the present and near future.

These thoughts coincided with Jon having upgraded our downloading situation, so I thought I'd offer a little special.

Get Coma Savant, Dreamworld, Up the Wall and every thing everything for whatever you want to donate. Ideally $30 or up, because I do wish somehow to recoup recording costs and also fund my life. But I'd like the music to reach your ears however it works for you.

Get it here.

If you want to stay up to date on the tour itself, and more of the Mutual Aid Network stuff, visit and subscribe.


ps We have a Ladyscissors show at the Tip Top Tavern in Madison on Friday April 22! And just recorded our 2nd album, being mixed now! I'll start on a video when I return to Madison next week.

Barry Bennett
Wed, Mar 15, 2017

AtomiuM Fest! 3/24!

hello beautiful creatures!

FRI MARCH 24th, the mighty Grape Juice Plus will play at Atomium Fest at the one of our lovliest show rooms, WIRE. the deets, as the kids say are below.
Grape Juice Hits at 9pm sharp followed by some of the best bands you could hope to see!
it is also the head chimps B-day show/party/bacchinalla etc...
please come. don't make him cry like Peter Brady in that one episode.

Left of Center Music presents… the first ATOMIUM FEST!
Remember when we believed the future would be cool? it still can be…
“pour un monde meilleur” or “for a better world” was the motto for EXPO ’58 world’s fair held in Brussels and that forward sentiment was immortalized by its centerpiece pavilion, The Atomium.
ATOMIUM FEST is music event.
ATOMIUM FEST believes imagination, community, and culture is a path to a better world.
ATOMIUM FEST forward thinking raised from traditions.

Left of Center Music presents… the first ATOMIUM FEST!

live sets by…
MANO …Mid East fusion madness
SONUS UMBRA…shadows made of sound
LANK FAME…post avant garage rock
GRAPE JUICE PLUS…tribal psychosis and futuristic ritual
plus ambient sounds throughout the night by..,
6815 W Roosevelt Rd – Berwyn,IL
doors @8pm
21+ / $10

Stephanie Rearick
Mon, Nov 20, 2017

Ladyscissors show December 2!

Hello all

We have a great Ladyscissors show coming up December 2, and I'm playing keys in Negative Example opening the show. Come out!

Saturday, December 2, 8pm
at Art In, 1444 E. Washington, Madison

Negative Example - Bucky Pope's (Tarbabies) band, I play Wurlitzer
Mhos and Ohms - a cool kinda psychedelic kinda math-rocky, all the way cool band we played with at Punks' Picnic

And Art In is a cool space!
Bring your friends

and share here if you're a facebooker -

Love and Ladyscissoring,

Stephanie Rearick
Wed, Jan 24, 2018

2017 Year in Review - Stephanie's work life with the MAN


Instead of posting the same information here, I'll link to a version with pretty pictures.

Check it out!

My 2017 MAN Year in Review

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Jun 9, 2018

Lots of shows this summer - Stephanie solo, Ladyscissors, Negative Example, and Girls are Go!

Hello lovely people,

I'm writing to report a bunch of shows coming up. I'm happy to say I've been playing more music with more people, and am now a regular part of both Negative Example (Bucky Pope of Tar Babies) and Girls are Go! (Bucky's in this band too but it's fronted by 3 awesome women vocalists - Jen Hawins, Kelli Larson, Eena Taylor - playing girl group music of the 50s 60s 70s and more)

Here they are, in order

Sat. June 9, 8pm
Ladyscissors at the Trempealeau Hotel, Trempealeau WI

We play outdoors! For a long time, everything we know - which includes some great new songs. Just us, rocking the party.

Thur. June 21, 2pm
Stephanie solo (on Jr. rig) for Make Music Madison, 611 S. Few St. Madison WI

My first solo set in awhile. First of 3 in the next 2 months, and each will be very different from the other. Celebrate music by anyone, for everyone!

Fri. June 22, 5pm
Girls are Go! Happy hour show at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington Madison WI

We share the bill with No Dice

Tue. July 3, 8pm
Stephanie Rearick solo opening for Negative Example, then Faun Fables!
At the Ruby Lounge, 624 University Ave. Madison WI

$10 adv / $15 dos 21+, $15 for 18+
This will be a fantastic show and I really hope you can make it, and bring your friends. This new music venue seats about 150 and is bringing independent local music booking to downtown Madison at the same time we're losing lots of other independent venues. Support them by seeing an awesome show!

Tickets available at Mother Fool's 1101 Williamson, or

Friday. July 13, 7pm
Ladyscissors rocks Montello!
at More Foods Organic Cafe, Montello, WI

We play with two touring bands, Baby D and the Band, and Life Coach. It'll be a rock n roll party. 1 hour from Madison with an opportunity to camp out nearby and make a weekend of it. Fun fun fun!

Sun. July 15, 4pm
Negative Example
at Artists for Animals Benefit for Dane Co Humane Society
Capital Brewery 7734 Terrace Ave Middleton, WI

The whole show is 12-5. Spend the day drinking beer and still feel good about yourself because you're helping animals...

Tue. July 17, 8pm
Stephanie Rearick solo with Mori Mente and Painted Saints!
High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington Madison WI

This is another show I'm really excited about. First, Mori Mente, then Painted Saints, and I play last this time. It'll be the most piano-based wide-ranging set I play all summer. I hope you can make it!!! I love Painted Saints and it'll be my first time seeing Mori Mento who sounds awesome.

Well that's plenty for now. I'm really looking forward to playing a lot over the summer and I hope to see you at some of these shows.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Stephanie Rearick
Thu, Jul 12, 2018

try a little democracy

hi there

I had occasion to re-listen to my 2007 album Democracy the other day - for the first time in several years - and I must say I was gratified to hear how much I like how it sounds. And devastated to hear how relevant its very dark political subject matter is right now.

So I decided to give it away as a belated July 4 present. Feel free to download it here -

I'll play some songs from it that I haven't played in a really long time, at my show this Tuesday July 17 at High Noon Saloon. Starts at 8 and I'm last after 2 great acts - Mori Mente and Painted Saints.

Here's the facebook event:

Hope you get a chance to listen and, if you're around Madison, come to the show.

And also change this country.

thanks for paying attention,

Stephanie Rearick
Thu, Jul 19, 2018

Playing solo and more at Social Justice Center open house Tomorrow! and other August shows

Hello friends,

I’m writing to tell you about/remind you of some more upcoming shows. Last time I included info about the SJC Open House (tomorrow!) I wasn’t on the music itinerary, but now I am. And excited to be playing a real piano plus my jr. rig, so again anything is possible. Please try to make it! Food, fun, music, learning, a chance to share your vision for your community and also pitch in to make it real.

Friday July 20, 6-10pm
The Future of Social Justice - Renovation Kickoff and fundraiser for Social Justice Center
Various artists including Charlie Cheney’s Sugar Still, Raging Grannies, and more ~ I’ll play solo on piano + casio + everything else, starting at 9pm.
Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson Madison WI. More info here

This is an open house renovation fundraising party to kick off our Madison MAN Cooperative s campaign to make coworking, commons, free store, and cooperative experimentation space at the Social Justice Center. Please come!!!! There will be tons of fun activities, including visioning and sign-up for creating the Social Justice Commons and other projects related to the Madison MAN. I’ll run some of the MAN activities from 6-9 and will play music between 9 and 10pm. Bring lots of money to contribute, in whatever form (credit cards or PayPal OK), and lots of ideas about what you’d like to see for your community.

Saturday August 18, 8pm
Ladyscissors at Art In! 1444 E. Washington, Madison WI
White Bush Unicorn show. Other details tba

Thursday, August 23, 8:30pm
Negative Example at the Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson, Madison WI
WORT Orton Park Fest Warm-up party!
also with the Apologists and Bing Bong. Fun night of music!

Hope you can make it to one of these.

Take care,

Ritt Deitz
Sat, Aug 18, 2018


Hi friends,

I am happy to see the lovely review of my new record in this past week's ISTHMUS. I'll share it with you here, if you haven't seen it yet. It reminds me of the hard work that my bandmates put in, and of course of the excellent circa-1978 open-reel engineering Bruce Kasprzyk did to make this recording sound so rich:

Check out this live video of Pete St. John's tune, "The Fields of Athenry," which is also on our record:

I'll be playing around the Midwest this fall, behind the record, in varying combinations--with Joe the bassist, with my son Wilder sometimes, often with both and hammered dulcimer master Dave. Hope to see you at one of these upcoming shows:

9/15 Common Ground (Middleton, WI)
9/23 Sanctuary Space Fundraiser with East Side Acoustic Ensemble, James Reeb UU Church (Madison, WI)
10/5 York Street Cafe (Newport, KY)
10/6 House Concert (Louisville, KY)
10/20 House Concert (Madison, WI)
10/27 Harmony (Appleton, WI)
11/9 Village Booksmith (Baraboo, WI)
11/10 East Side Acoustic Ensemble Fall Performance (Wil-Mar Center, Madison)
11/17 Mother Fools (Madison, WI)

Only love is stronger than music,