Carrie Biolo

Missa Canibus (mass of the dogs)

Jack The Dog

Uvulittle Records

"Much of it features spaced out operations of vibraphone, piano, and organ. There is also a series of short recitations and the use of what sounds like taped material. A remarkable track such as "Responsorial," a duet for vibraphone and acoustic piano, creates a really wonderful mood." - All Music Guide

Avant liturgical music for the metadenominational church of the mind. Evokes Tom Waits and Harry Partch, and could very well serve to unite pagans and the orthodox.

Missa... [more]

ah. it's like you're talking and you just can't

Jack The Dog

Eighth Day Music

Contains three major compositions:
-- Excuses (15:11)
-- Eric's Flip (30:18)
-- Spacesuit Annie (20:32)

These are long and dense testaments, in a concept album spirit.

"The twosome composes collaboratively, often using performance art tactics, sometimes incorporating taped audio-verite soundscapes, additional tracks of music, or brash sound collages, and performing brisk unison lines that hark back as much to Frank Zappa's "serious" music as to the heyday of... [more]

Scan 12

Jack The Dog

Fishbothw Records

SCAN TWELVE is the second release by Jack the Dog. Twelve short studio sculptures from a collection of piano and vibraphone duets in which both players also speak/sing, recorded in Chicago between Januray and April 1998.
The overall idea here is to replicate the effect of the SCAN function on typical CD players or radios. In this case the only material is JACK compositions.

"Intentionally or not, this music brings to us evocations of Schwitters "Poem 25", Robert Ashleys rarified... [more]

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