Mark Cameron

Mumbled Speech

Katie Todd

Level It Records

This is Katie Todd's 3rd studio CD. It features a wide array of instrumentation - piano, guitar, horns, strings and extra vocals.

Katie's music has always had a maturity beyond her years, with a voice that has seen the world. Mumbled Speech combines that with a sense of playfulness that comes across as an artist grown comfortable with herself - as a musician, writer and producer.

Residing solidly in the world of pop, Ms. Todd proves that the genre still has room for a creative... [more]

Changing Faces

Katie Todd

Room Records

Katie Todd's debut album.

Katie Todd sets out to impress with a set of smoldering piano based rock songs anchored by her unique voice and powerful lyrics.

How can you go wrong with and album that opens with, "To deviate from the social standard..."

Make Some Time For Wasting

Katie Todd

Room Records

Brilliant vocals and production. This is vibrant, uplifting music. Katie's voice and songwriting are at the forefront. Her piano playing is simple but melodically powerful. The band keeps the energy simmering throughout. All in all, a great followup to Changing Faces.

This is a 'must have' for fans of great sounding pop music.

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