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Jim Schwall

Getting Old

Jim Schwall

Uvulittle Records

Jim Schwall's 2007 CD "Getting Old" features Jim performing solo, singing and playing acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, recorded live in venues in or near Madison WI. There is one traditional song, one song of unknown origin and three songs by other songwriters: Bill Morrissey, David Olney and Ed Haynes. The rest of the 14 tracks are Jim's originals. About half the tunes are in some of the styles of traditional blues.

No Camouflage Anti-War CD

Various Artists - Compilations

Coney Island Records

No Camouflage is a powerful anti-war cry by many of Madison's top artists. Spearheaded by Wendy Bugatti of Coney Island studio, No Camouflage features original new recordings of an astounding array of music and spoken word pieces, plus US soldier testimonials directly from Iraq. The release of this CD is an event that has brought together Madison artists, members of local peace organizations and political leaders who support and create community-based change. All money raised by this project... [more]

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