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Jason Socha


The Coma Savants

Uvulittle Records

This is a one-of-a-kind collectors' item. We only made 250 copies and they are all numbered. Also, each one has different artwork inside. The packaging is a cloth pouch that is made from the long streamers used in The Eating Machine video so what you get may not quite look like the one pictured here.

This is an enhanced CD -- it will play in your stereo and if you pop it in a computer you can access the videos. Also, there is a folder on the disc with various mp3s. It is really quite... [more]

Coma Savant

The Coma Savants

Uvulittle Records

"This band's debut release is simply delightful. Pianist and vocalist Stephanie Rearick establishes that she is no slouch with the opening track, the band's theme song. Her performance invites comparisons to Nina Simone, a situation that most players would subsequently exploit at great length… the electric guitar madness of Jon Hain will appeal to anyone who enjoys new twisted takes on psychedelia. There is also jazzy, folky, and cabaret material here, generally played with both the... [more]

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