Upcoming shows! solo + Ladyscissors

Upcoming shows! solo + Ladyscissors

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Fri, Jun 2, 2017

Hello all

Happy summer!

I/we have a bunch of shows coming up. Sorry we had to cancel a few when I broke my arm but I’m just about completely back in action and ready to celebrate musically.

So here goes:

First, I play with Bucky Pope's (Tarbabies) band Negative Example
Thur June 8, Doors at 7pm
Art In, 1444 E. Washington, Madison
Negative Example w/ Texas Bubblegum Machine and Straka and Sphynx

Wed. June 21
Make Music Madison!
I’ll host a casual progressive recital on my block starting at 5pm (1340 E. Wilson)
people will gather outside my house while I do a couple piano songs, then move on to my next-door neighbors to hear what they have to offer, then around the block to any house who wants to participate, winding back up at my place for an outdoor happy hour
Ladyscissors concert! 5:30-7pm

Thur. June 22 8 PM
the Frequency - 121 W. Main St. Madison
Playing solo! - Opening for FAUN FABLES w/ Paul Fonfara, 18+, $5/$8 Under 21
This will be my first solo show in a long long time. I’ll bring my big keyboard…

Ladyscissors at the former Grieg Club!!!
North St. Cabaret, 610 North St, Madison
Help inaugurate the new venue being opened by our friends from the Tip Top. Exciting!

Sat. July 8
Ladyscissors at the Wisco for the Dyke Dive event. Time TBA

and more to come.

thanks for listening!
and don’t forget to get To The Nines and some panties to go along with it. all available (plus my solo stuff)
at http://uvulittle.com