Rearick solo shows - tomorrow! Monday! NYC Oct. 1!

Rearick solo shows - tomorrow! Monday! NYC Oct. 1!

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Thu, Sep 10, 2015


I'd like to remind you about my two upcoming shows this week, plus a great new NYC addition to the upcomings...

Fri, Sep 11 at Mother Fool's, 1101 Williamson St.
8:00 PM Stephanie Rearick w/ Andrew Mazur opening - $7

here's part of a nice little review of every thing everything -
"A new Stephanie Rearick album is a bit like a trip to the art museum. Like a captivating painting, the longer you look, the more detail you're likely to notice. Rearick's music has always bent toward the abstract. She excels at creating dreamscapes out of sparse instrumentation, vocal loops and uncommon sounds, which, in this case, are entirely produced by her. Every Thing Everything is a true solo outing and one of Rearick's most satisfying..." -- Local Sounds

Rev. Andrew Mazur is a singer/songwriter from Madison, WI. He plays punk rock originals on acoustic guitar.

...and you know and love him from his work at Mother Fool's! :)

Aaaand.. Monday September 14 I'll be part of Andrea Musher's birthday extravaganza at the Cardinal Bar 418 E Wilson St, playing a short set during this 4:30-10pm party that also features Cat Capellaro and Andrew Rohn, Angela McJunkin, Tony Castaneda, Lynnette Margulies, Greg Harris and more. Raising funds for the John Tuschen Memorial Fund and overall celebrating art and poetry.

Then a little tour out toward the East Coast in late September/early October. Unfortunately I had to cancel the show I would have done in Detroit Oct. 7 because I added Vancouver BC to the end of this East Coast tour :) - Actually I'm going to attend this:

I'm still looking for shows for when I'm in Yellow Springs and Dayton Ohio, and might have another addition or two to post soon. Let me know if you have places you think I should play or people I should play with - Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

And I've just added this show, which I'm very excited about:
Thur. Oct. 1, 8-9pm, Caffe Vivaldi 32 Jones St., New York, NY

I'm really excited for this! They have a lovely grand piano that they tune regularly!!!!

Please tell your NY friends. I have this one-hour slot. Expect the show to start on time. This will be fun and I'm excited to be able to play a nice piano set. I'll have the looper and trumpet too. Maybe the Casio...

Stay tuned for more shows to be added. And we'll be doing some Ladyscissoring again too...

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for listening.


ps check out my video for The Book:

pps you can still buy every thing everything!