Uvu-News - Stephanie Rearick, Ladyscissors, Ritt Deitz, Crooked Mouth, Mary Bue

Uvu-News - Stephanie Rearick, Ladyscissors, Ritt Deitz, Crooked Mouth, Mary Bue

Uvulittle Records News
Thu, May 21, 2015


Lots going on at Uvulittle lately.

1. Stephanie Rearick - every thing everything
2. Ladyscissors
3. Ritt Deitz
4. Crooked Mouth
5. Mary Bue

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1. Stephanie Rearick - every thing everything

Stephanie Rearick releases her 8th solo album, “every thing everything.”

A return to form. Cheery, creepy, lush, beautiful and very dreamlike. A gorgeous sorrow. A sublime disorientation. Memories…

"A new Stephanie Rearick album is a bit like a trip to the art museum. Like a captivating painting, the longer you look, the more detail you’re likely to notice... She occupies her own space in the pantheon of Madison music, a confluence of music and art that is vastly underappreciated and largely unrecognized. That seems like a shame, perhaps, but such is the fate of true trailblazers, fiercely independent and cherished by those who take the time to wake from their sleepy dream." - Local Sounds Magazine

Her first release party, in Vienna, was a smashing success.

Her Madison release party will be Thursday, May 28 at The Frequency.
Details - http://t.co/0n4Xxkxe8G


She also wanted us to tell you: “In July I'll be touring the UK with Ladyscissors bandmate Lorrie Hurckes.
Playing solo shows, some duo songs and, if someone pays us a lot of money, maybe even Ladyscissors shows.”

2. Ladyscissors

Ladyscissors will be playing some out-of-town shows in June. Help spread the word!

June 13 - Oshkosh, WI at New Moon Coffeehouse
June 26 - Iowa City, Iowa - The Mill, opening for Daniel and the Lion
June 27 - Des Moines, Iowa at Gaslamp - Holy White Hounds / Modern Era /
Ladyscissors / Lonely Monsters

And, if you haven’t already checked out their video for Down Down Down, what are you waiting for?

3. Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz is just about done with a new album which will be out in September. He’ll be doing some shows in and around Madison as well as a few in the Ohio River valley. Details soon.

4. Crooked Mouth

Crooked Mouth Spring Show is coming up May 31 in Chicago.
Details http://t.co/1pambOCYWf

5. Mary Bue

We are pleased to be carrying Mary Bue’s new CD, Holy Bones. It rocks!

That’s it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting independent, creative music.

Jon Hain
Uvulittle Records