Death to MiLkBabY! LONG LIVE MiLkBabY!

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

Death to MiLkBabY! LONG LIVE MiLkBabY!

Tue, Oct 28, 2008

Press release from Barry Bennett of MiLkBabY:

What is this my beloved?!? What are you saying??

I am saying that after 11 years, 5 albums, and thousands of miles on the van; MiLkBabY will cease to be an active band. Are you sad? I am too, a little; but I also feel liberated and excited.
Sometimes a name, an entity, can carry baggage and actually put pressure on people you love.

Probably going all the way back to when the "classic" MiLkBabY broke apart with davidly and tracee leaving town, there has been one hidden ingredient in all the wonderful yummy things that I have been blessed to do with my MiLkBabY band mates: fear. Fear of letting something that loved and that was special go. Fear of starting over. Fear of change. I hid all this fear from myself even as I did go and create new things (things we loved doing) with darren and sophie and Kristin, but the fear (as it always does) holds us back and this shadow ghost of MiLkBabY kept hanging over the shoulder of the new MiLkBabY. Lately, that shadow is blocking too much of the light. It took great conversations with Darren for me to realize that this. MiLkBabY can be the seed, but it has to grow into something new. I am a slow learner, but at least I learn!

What is that seed going to grow into??
Well, Kristin Reeves and I have decided to finally cultivate a little sprout that popped up a while ago and it was left unattended. We want to grow into something that goes beyond "band". We want to "grow".


What is The Impending Behavior Orchestra?
Well here is our mission:

The Impending Behavior Orchestra is a modular sound / light/ movement performance group based in Chicago led by musician/composer/sound designer Barry Bennett along with video artist, Kristin Reeves. IBO is modular in the sense that it can manifest itself in many forms and purposes. As few as two or as many as 10 collaborators. IBO can manifest as a concert in a club, an interactive piece of dance theater, a component of a full theatrical production, full on frenzy or as still as a gallery
installation. IBO is interested in the impulse of the artist and how it makes them behave in the ritual of live performance. Does the idiosyncratic impulse of the artist/musician/dancer create the vision / behavior, or does the behavior create the idiosyncrasies? Chicken or Egg? Symbiosis?
IBO believes in improvisation.
IBO believes in chaos and synchronicity walking hand in hand.
IBO believes in action / reaction.
IBO believes in simultaneous play.
IBO believes in ritual.
IBO believes in crossing disciplinary boundaries.
IBO believes we are members of a tribe.
IBO believes in IBO.
IBO believes in YOU.

Right now, IBO does not have an official site, but IBO does have a myspace site:
Please visit and friend us up. Once we really get rolling, the content will change often on that site.
SPEAKING OF ROLLING. IBO will have its first performance in a club show as part of a UVULITTLE
RECORDS SHOWCASE in Madison, WI on Saturday, November 22nd.