blizzard special! limited time...Barry Bennett's Death to Death...

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Uvu Pod #Seven - Stephanie Rearick, Solo

Here we hear selections from all of Stephanie Rearick's solo Cds. And none of her bands. So there! Solo Stephanie Episode SEVEN Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast.


Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast - Episode Six - New Additions

In this episode we listen to a few tracks from some of the recent additions to our catalog -- The Lonelyhearts and Katie Todd. We close it down with a cut by Wendy Bugatti from the No Camouflage Anti-War CD.



thank you from Barry Bennett to all those who participated in the Chicago Death to Death celebration!! lucky boy indeed... keep eyes peeled for madison party, my home away from home...


MiLKBabY no more! The all grown up tribal/ambient/space/punk, Barry Bennett, makes it a go on his own with a haunting new album, “Death to Death! And Other Tales of Uneasy Harmony…”


MiLKBabY no more! The all grown up tribal/ambient/space/punk, Barry Bennett, makes it a go on his own with a haunting new album, “Death to Death! And Other Tales of Uneasy Harmony…”

What is a tribal/ambient/space/punk? Bennett would be the one to ask. He was leader of the iconic group, MiLkBabY, through 10 years and 5 albums and whose brand of alien world music made them a fixture of Chicago’s left of center music scene. Bennett also creates scores in the world of Theatre and dance. His music has... [read more]


Richard Wiegel and The Midwesterners - Episode 5

We cover a lot of ground on this episode - rock, ragtime, blues, jug band music, jazz and rockabilly come together in the music of The Midwesterners. We will hear tracks from all three of their cds as well as a few from Richard Wiegel's solo CD. Richard is the main song writer in The Midwesterners and a pretty hot guitarist.


Uvulittle to re-release Maestro Subgum catalog

Well, we are very excited about this one. We will be re-releasing the entire Maestro Subgum & The Whole catalog, all of which is currently out of print. Additionally, we'll be releasing a bunch of previously unreleased material including live performances and studio recordings. We expect to have this ready for public consumption by spring of 2011. It is a lot of material! Most likely, we'll be releasing the CDs individually and as a box set. We intend to make all the songs available digitally, as well.


Vibraphonics - Episode 4

In this edition we listen to music from the Uvulilte.com catalog that features vibraphone. Listeners will hear Geoffrey Brady, The Active Percussion Duo, Jack the Dog and Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box.

Good vibes!


MiLkBabY - Episode 3

In this episode we explore the music of MiLkBabY. Based in Chicago, they are one of our more prolific and creative bands. Put on your headphones and listen to a track from each of their CDs as well as live tracks.


Stephanie Rearick "Back Together Again" Tour Announcement

Democracy is coming...

The Stephanie Rearick "Back Together Again" Tour

Solo - Stephanie Rearick will hit the road with her keyboard and loop-based classical/cabaret/pop extravaganza in October 2009.

The tour starts in Madison, WI on Saturday, October. 3 at Rearick's own venue, Mother Fool's.

It ends up many thousand miles later on November 1 somewhere in Iowa.

Along the way she'll visit: Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Austin TX, Tucson AZ, LA, San Francisco, Sonoma, Portland and Boulder.

While in... [read more]


New Video: Oh No - The There Was A Mans

Stephanie Rearick's new band, The There Was A Mans, has released a new music video for Rearick's most awesome song ever, Oh No. Hopefully, this new video will rocket them to fame.

The band plans to begin work on their debut album this fall.


The Onion Decider: Strange jukebox indeed

Nice profile piece in The Onion Decider. Includes some background info on Uvulittle and min-reviews for four of our releases: Jack The Dog, Yid Vicious, MiLkBabY and Sunshine For The Blind. Also features streaming music from each featured CD for your ears.
Uvulittle Records Profile: Onion Decider


Uvulittle Showcase - Sat, Nov 22 - Frequency, Madison.

The Frequency
121 W. Main St, Madison
10 pm. $5

Uvulittle is re-releasing Sunshine for The Blind's CD release, See the River Rise and decided to use the occasion to showcase some of our most active artists.

First up is Stephanie Rearick. Known for her wildly creative pop rock cabaret piano music, Rearick will be playing some of her new songs. Part way through her set she'll be joined by her rock band, The ManSisters.

Next up is Impending Behavior Orchestra. This Chicago collaborative project includes Barry... [read more]


Death to MiLkBabY! LONG LIVE MiLkBabY!

Press release from Barry Bennett of MiLkBabY:

What is this my beloved?!? What are you saying??

I am saying that after 11 years, 5 albums, and thousands of miles on the van; MiLkBabY will cease to be an active band. Are you sad? I am too, a little; but I also feel liberated and excited.
Sometimes a name, an entity, can carry baggage and actually put pressure on people you love.

Probably going all the way back to when the "classic" MiLkBabY broke apart with davidly and tracee leaving town, there has been one... [read more]


New stuff

Got some great new CDs in this week, Rose Polenzani and a new, limited edition, Lonelyhearts EP. Check 'em out!

And, a new podcast, "#12."

Further, we are working on a new website to allow us to update it easier and be able to more great music.