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On the road! shows, timebank talks and trainings, fun...


I'm writing from Pasadena CA at the Fuller Guest House where I've been staying courtesy of the CA Federation of TimeBanks. They just hosted their first regional timebanking conference and it was a smashing success.

Today I led a 4-hour Learning Facilitation training, geared toward helping build capacity of trainers and support people for timebanking. If you don't know what timebanking is look at http://timebanks.org, or visit the site of my own home timebank... [read more]


Stephanie Rearick's Up The Wall CD is now available

Rearick's new CD, Up The Wall, is a return to form, four years in the making after 2007's Democracy. Side A is the political and economic side, side B gets personal. Part rock and roll, part sweeping beauty with some quirky ditties and jazzy piano numbers mixed in, Up The Wall is another remarkably original and fresh offering from Rearick. While primarily original songs, the covers here come from Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone and Yoko Ono.

Piano driven songs range from simplistic melodies to complex layers of looped trumpet, vocals... [read more]


The Crooked Mouth debut release!

We are to excited to present the debut release by The Crooked Mouth.

Beau O'Reilly and Jenny Magnus (Maestro Subgum and the Whole) are joined by Matt Test (accordion, banjo, piano, backup vocals), Troy Martin (guitar, banjo, uke, backup vocals) and Vicki Walden (bass, backup vocals, shaky egg.)

String band Brecht?


Sneak preview Stephanie Rearick's new Up The Wall. #newmusic #piano

Listen to the new CD!

Stephanie Rearick - Up The Wall.

It will be available soon in CD and high quality digital.


$5 Digital Download Sale Extended just 'cause

Update: Aug 28, 2011 - We are finally ending this sale. Thanks everyone who helped us cover our bills this summer!


We've been selling our back-catalog releases as digital downloads for $5 each and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.


There has never been a better time or reason to spend $5.


face lifts, baby!

hello uvulittians!
gave the 'ole website a face lift including lots more opportunity for downloading music that comes out of basestaionBerwyn.
come visit. kick off shoes. strap on the phones and stay awhile... http://barrybennettsounds.com


New Ritt Deitz music video featuring family band - "Island of Dogs" from Pop. #newmusic #instrumental #acoustic

Video for "Island of Dogs" from the new CD, Pop. This rockin' acoustic instrumental tune will get your blood pumping. Another fine effort from Ritt Deitz and family band.