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Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast

Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast

Thu, Mar 9, 2006

Our very first podcast!! The Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast will be a regular program showcasing great music from our catalog -- both stuff we have released and stuff we distribute. Jon Hain is the main host although there will be special guest hosts from time to time. He is a little shy about how overdriven his voice is on the first episode so you'll certainly want to check that out. Beyond that, the first episode features songs by Ritt Deitz, Pascal, Rose Polenzani, Stephanie Rearick, MiLkBabY and others.
Subscribe at: http://uvulittle.com/uvulittle_pod.xml
Here is the current episodeIf you are new to podcasting, this is a helpful guide.

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