2 New CDs !!

BottLe, Democracy

2 New CDs !!

Wed, May 23, 2007

This is turning out to be a busy spring. We've got brand new releases by MiLkBabY and Stephanie Rearick. Both are great recordings that show off two artists in their prime.

Both are doing shows to promote their new releases and will be touring later in the year.

Democracy, Rearick's fourth solo CD, is dark piano-driven experimental pop music. It is her most political work to date -- fiercely critical while shining rays of hope into the rubble of 21st century scorched-earth politics. Democracy was recorded and produced by Rearick (piano, vocals and trumpet) with assistance from Edward Reardon (Coma Savant producer) and Jon Hain.

BottLeMiLkBabY...................Prog-ambient-tribal-rock music. The latest release from MiLkBabY slices and dices the world of progressive and groove-oriented electronica into slivers of Bjork-laden psychedelica a la key lime pie era Social Distortion.