Stephanie Rearick Jr. w/ Matt Owen and the Electric Tuba!

Stephanie Rearick Jr. w/ Matt Owen and the Electric Tuba!

Friday, February 14, 2014 - 8:00pm

Mother Fool's Coffeehouse

1101 Williamson
608 259-1301
All Ages

I just finished a brand new song I'll be debuting at the show. Plus the one I
debuted at my last show. And since it's Valentine's Day I'll have to play the
only song I have that relates (and one of my favorites) "Ferris Wheel" (attn
John W).

This is a Stephanie Rearick Jr. show, although I am starting to play more
mixed shows again, especially when there's a piano available.

Matt Owen and The Eclectic Tuba is an instrumental psychedelic space-funk
group that originated on Mars and migrated toward Birmingham, Alabama in
early 2012. The Eclectic Tuba takes the audience on a joy ride through the
cosmos with trippy lights, ripping synthesizers, funky tuba loops, latin
percussive grooves, and soaring saxophone solos. Currently, Eclectic Tuba is
on their "Intergalactic Domination Tour", across the United States, promoting
their new album "Intergalactic Domintaion", featuring Wayne Coyne of The
Flaming Lips, Amanda Palmer, & Jake Ingalls of Spaceface & The Flaming Lips.

Stephanie Rearick Jr.