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Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail

Stephanie Rearick show Friday Dec. 13, quick updates


I hope you're enjoying your transition into winter, including whatever holidays you may be celebrating, or doing your best to ignore...

Not much news in my world other than settling back in and catching up on work after a lot of touring. You can read about the tour at http://blog.timeftw.org

That blog focuses much more on the sharing economy work than on the music parts, but there's some of both. I hope you enjoy it!

... [more]

Dreamwold Tour Rolls On, Turkey, DC, St. Louis, Hello!

Hello Greetings!

I've said a few times over the last couple months that I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. My Turkey experience made me KNOW I'm the luckiest person on the planet (along with the others there who felt that way, and anyone else who does - we're all the luckiest person). And continue to be...

I've got a couple of shows coming up. Please help me by passing on the info to anyone you know in Washington DC and St. Louis.

*** Friday, October 25, 2013... [more]

Tour Updates - NYC this Friday!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been busy living, working, driving, visiting… Currently on Part 3 of my big tour. I've got a couple more shows, a trip to Turnkey and a packed schedule of Timebank events.

** But first, please help spread the word to all your NYC friends. I'll be playing in Brooklyn this Friday.

Friday, October 4, 2013 - 9pm

Branded Saloon
603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Gianni from Pine Hollows opens!

Free. Donations welcome... [more]

Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour - leg 3 begins next week!


It's been a whirlwind so far this summer, and it's great. In just over a week I head out on the next and last leg of the Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour. Here are some dates to get started with.. Please tell your friends!

Friday, September 20, 2013 1pm-6pm
Creative Economy Skillshare and Mini-Conference

2020 West Greenleaf Avenue, Chicago, IL

Join the Chicago Time Exchange, founder and co-Director of the Dane County TimeBank, and community... [more]

Stephanie Rearick Jr. Dreamworld Tour - West Coast toward home

Hello all!

Please tell your friends to come see me in these various cities coming up. Portland tomorrow! 2 sets, one on piano one on Junior. And Boise and Pocatello Idaho, Aberdeen South Dakota, Duluth and Minneapolis Minnesota. Then out eastward starting September. Stay tuned...

All confirmed show and sharing economy gatherings are detailed and will be kept up to date here.

And don't forget to watch my lyric video... [more]

Stephanie Rearick about to hit the road again - Tell your friends! Support the tour!

I'm excited to begin the west coast leg of my tour. It'll feel like a luxury to have a car to haul my stuff in, after dragging it all around Europe. And I can take some Mother Fool's cold-brewed iced coffee with me! I seriously thought wistfully about that when I was in Europe..

I just made a poster with most of the dates on it. It doesn't include stops between OR... [more]

Stephanie Rearick Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour Updates

Right now, I'm in Europe. I've been posting pictures and updates on my Facebook page:

Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour Updates

Wanna help out with my tour? you can help by giving money toward travel expenses - you'll get a digital download of my new Dreamworld album and help me have an opportunity to get to more places (whether or not they can afford to pay me).

... [more]

Last minute reminders: CD release party tomorrow in Madison, Tue. in Chicago! + tour news


I hope you can make it to one of my CD release parties! May 10 in Madison at Dragonfly, with Faun Fables and Bucky Pope.

May 14 in Chicago at Double Door with Crooked Mouth, Daniel and the Lion, Elvisbride and Mitch Mead.

And I have more shows on the horizon as my tours start shaping up. A kick-off at Mickey's in Madison, then Camden UK, one or two other UK stops, the International Complementary Currency Conference in the Hague, hopefully another festival in the... [more]

Dreamworld by Stephanie Rearick Jr. available now! and tour dates


I'm pleased to report that I have my CDs in hand! And I love them.
Rev. Velveteen played my cover of the Frogs' Laugh last night on Psychoacoustics on WORT 89.9fm. And more radio news to come...

you can order them at http://www.uvulittle.com/catalog/stephanie-rearick-jr/dreamworld or pick one up at Mother Fool's or MadCity Music in Madison. I'll get them to other record stores in town... [more]

Stephanie Rearick Jr. - Dreamworld CD Release Party May 10, tour news


Lots of news starting to churn now.

But first: Don't forget to come see Ladyscissors at the Frequency on Sat. March 16, 10pm. We're playing the Mad Rollin Dolls Roller Derby after-party! We'll be recording too, getting ready to put something out later this year. And we've been writing some new songs. Check it out! http://www.uvulittle.com/event/ladyscissors-the-frequency

And in newer news:... [more]

Stephanie Rearick Jr. Tonight! in Madison, Feb. 17 in Chicago, Ladyscissors, Dreamworld, etc.

seems like time for an update

I've finished all my tracks for my new record (by Stephanie Rearick Jr.) and have decided to call it Dreamworld. And I've been working on the artwork and really enjoying it. Also adding some of it to my website

Now for the mixing. Some won't need a whole lot, well, actually most if it won't. Jon Hain just turned in a mix of one of the songs that really surprised me, and that... [more]

Stephanie Rearick Jr. shows this week, Ladyscissors in January etc


I hope you're enjoying your autumn. If you've been in the path of the hurricane (or any other misfortune for that matter) here's to your resiliency and speedy healing.

I'm writing with news of some shows coming up. Plus I'm just finishing up refinements on the last song of the album I'll be recording this winter.

So I'll debut the music from the record-to-be, in its entirety (and most likely in order) this Friday at Mother Fool's.

On to the rest of the... [more]

attn: Chicagolanders + Wisconsin Rearick Jr. shows, Ladyscissors show, record and tour


Just quickly, I'm trying to take a day off of computer-work-ish stuff -

So I can finish writing the new song I'm gonna play tomorrow at 16th St. Theater, Berwyn IL. See the play at 7:30 and my show at 10! I'll play the songs I'll be recording over the winter for my new Stephanie Rearick Jr. album. I like it! Plus a few olderies...
and more details and shows below....

Fri. October 26
10pm at 16th St. Theater, 6420 16th St. Berwyn, IL
I play a... [more]

Stephanie Rearick + Ladyscissors Shows and News!

Hello all!

News for you: I have several shows coming up, as Stephanie Rearick, Stephanie Rearick Jr. and drummer and vocalist for Ladyscissors.

PLUS I have decided to go on a large tour next summer. My plans are wide open and looking for great opportunities to anchor them. Beginning after June 21. Doing timebanking and build training and outreach stuff too. Maybe I'll take a train for parts of it. Who knows? but if you know people or places I should check out please fill me in... [more]

Stephanie Rearick - 2 Jr., 1 Reg. + 1 Ladyscissors show!


First off, I had a lovely time playing at Art*Bar in Milwaukee last night. Hosted by Jaems Murphy, featuring Darlin' Nikki, Mario, Lyra Vega - all great stuff. Thanks to all the great people I met!

Next: I have some shows coming up:

Friday, October 5 at Mickey's in Madison. With Squarewave! 10:30pm, don't know the order but you'll want to be there for the duration.
https://www.facebook.com/events/... [more]

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