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Barry Bennett Impending News

remember SATURDAY night, meet me at OUTTA SPACE!!

just a reminder, my beautiful home boys and girls...
your dance card is filled this Saturday June 25th as you'll be getting your Retro Future Love Ritual on...
The mighty GRAPE JUICE PLUS brings it's audio/visual fever dream libation to Berwyn ' s newest culture spot, The Outta Space!
Opening the show is the mercurial and delightful...ISTVAN.

THE OUTTA SPACE * 6840 32nd St. * berwyn 60402
"door" @ 8 ** music... [more]

Head Chimp Barry’s Birthday Bacchanalia: WELCOME TO THE RETRO FUTURE

hello beautiful.

first of all, WELCOME to all the new humans we meet at the CULTS art show at East Room.
What a night! great vibe! just the recharge this old ape astronaut needed.

speaking of old, check out this upcoming Grape Juice Plus activity...show coming, plus its the head chimp's b-day.


WELCOME TO THE RETRO FUTURE: Head Chimp Barry’s Birthday Bacchanalia

Its that time of year again to celebrate that... [more]

feb 24th- join the "cult" of grape juice plus!

hello beautiful!

grape juice plus activity right around the corner!!
check it...

EAST ROOM ART SHOW #2: “CULTS” -- Wed Feb 24th

Nick “Sick” Fisher, a public artist of note, has had his inter dimensional art sprouting up on store fronts and bar rooms all over the city. He has also been curating art happenings around different themes at the Logan Square speakeasy, EAST ROOM. “CULTS” is the theme on Feb 24th and your favorite simian rockers will provide a... [more]

Super solstice pan ritual season...

Greetings beautiful hUmaN,

It's that most wonderful time of the year, so they say, sooooooo 

I just made the  full solo digital discography (5 releases) available on Bandcamp for $13.50 USD (a 50% discount).
Check it out here:

The perfect digital stocking stuffer (BC does have gift... [more]

you are invited. FRI DEC 4TH

Hello Beautiful hUmaN...

YOU are invited to a birthday party of sorts! please come! it will tickle your medulla oblongata.
now i turn the mic over to LOCM (Left of Center Music)...

Left of Center Muisic presents…
Fri DEC 4TH -- UnderGround Lounge 952 W Newport...
Dies Natalis Alienum: celebrating the first year of LOCM & GJP
can it be? our strange little twins are one year old? come celebrate and create some culture in honor of the slightly belated... [more]

oct 28th- weird is beautiful - WIRE

hello beautiful human....

y'all ready for some more juicing? i am.
this month the mighty Grape juice Plus partners with a long standing berwyn icon, Horrorbles,,, and a new one, Wire.
read on...

WED OCT 28TH -7:30show/7pm doors
"Weird is Beautiful"
6815 W Roosevelt Rd , Berwyn BabY!
7:30show/7pm doors $8


Come celebrate Berwyn's favorite holiday... [more]

9/25 - drink some grape juice with us?

hello beautiful.
hope you summer has been grand. mine. pretty human. :)

it is time to return to our own version of Tatooine's outlaw tavern and have the opportunity to sink in for two sets and create the vibe for Han and Greedo to share some wings instead of shooting first...

LOCM presents and evening of improvised muse-iks and smoking apes with...
6715 W Odgen Ave **... [more]

Sunday June 7th! transform, modify, and evolve with GRAPE JUICE PLUS!

Hello my beautiful hUmaNz...

the sun is out, so its time to sit on your freshly painted porch with a tall glass of GRAPE JUICE PLUS! really excited to be a part of this one, the vibe at the GJP shows keep getting better and better and the confines at WIRE are pretty sweet. the other groups are sonic ticklers, too...
PLUS Grape Juice Plus (tongue twister) will have the honor of projection artist, TONY CHURCHILL, throwing images on Wire's 30 FT SCREEN during our set! YUMMY!... [more]

release your glow/GJP/fri April 24th/Cigars&Stripes

Hello beautifuls...

The last time we spoke, the wind was howling and the sugar plum fairies were freezing their bums off.
Well, the page has turned , birds are being chased by cats and it's time for GRAPE JUICE PLUS to do a seasonal 2 set stretch out at the home base of Cigars and Stripes. Come on! BBQ and art rock people!

this is what i want April showers to bring, an evening in the esoteric confines of
... [more]

be my proggy valentine? GJP/wire/feb13th

hello my beautifuls...

we've transitioned to 2015.
half way to 4030.
being in that first 15% of the year can be interesting. you look about. assess.
realize you've done some things for the last time. gearing up for the first for others or reenergizing old rituals...

it's a doozy. Grape Juice Plus, my new duo with Eric Klotz, will be opening for District 97 @ WIRE on FRI FEB 13th.

this is neato for many reasons; and yes... [more]

YES! this FRI 12/12! GJP @the STRIPES!

hello human!

i am usually one NOT to send that extra email, but it is only our shared and mutual JOY that is my concern. you might have missed it the first time around and i know you need an excuse not to go to aunt betty's fruitcake tasting party.


I INVITE YOU... to electrify your holiday ritual season! you create your own culture…

LOCM lends a hand by throwing a party in the best joint this side of the black lodge!

find out what that ape is... [more]

FRI 12/12! Cigars & Stripes! electrify your holiday ritual season! you create your own culture…

hello beautiful...

my daughter is upstairs listening to the new Taylor Swift album...
i do not hold this against her. she is 9. shake it off IS infectious...
though --
sometimes i wonder, if you walked through a floating ghostwood door, would it take you to a strange land?
a land where my new project with Eric Klotz, GRAPE JUICE PLUS, was the Taylor Swift of this alien universe?
better for you that its not.
no united center. no $100 ticket. no... [more]


sorry about multiple messages, but wanted to give you a heads up:

Due to Bears game being pushed to 3pm instead of noon and Wire's weekely Bears event; LOCM'S 2+2+2: an evening of improvised duos will be pushed back by 30 mins. a very slight change, but hey, i'm thorough...

DOORS @ 7:30

i also wanted you to look at this flyer, and know the music sounds JUST like that... :)
click:... [more]

WIRE! Grape Juice Plus DEBUT! LOCM returns! OCT 12!! 2+2+2


I am so EXCITED that i am using EXCLAMATION marks like STAN LEE riding piggy back on JACK KIRBY running down Galactus' FOREARMS!!


on SUNDAY OCTOBER 12TH, I'll be debuting my new post Dot collaboration with guitarist Eric Klotz ... GRAPE JUICE PLUS!!! part of 2+2+2: a night of improvised duos presented by LEFT OF CENTER MUSIC (which i happen to be curator) at the shiniest rock club in Berwyn town ... WIRE!!!

still not CONVINCED of EXCLAMATION... [more]

Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Hey Beauties…

There a bit to tell you that you might be interested in, so I should get to it. First a word of advice: if you use Pandora or some such service, make a radio station with Gong as the keyword with Hawkwind as a variety word. Enjoy…

***** MARIPOSA NOCTURNA: A Puppet Triptych / 16TH STREET THEATER * 6420 16th Street Berwyn, IL/ AUG 15TH&16TH @ 7:30PM – AUG 17TH@3PM / *****

I was thrilled to compose the score for this special, individual work from the... [more]

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