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Your Mom SRO - History and Biography

Socha, Hain, Rearick, Zarda - 2000

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Stephanie Rearick  keyboards, vocals, trumpet
Jon Hain  guitar, vocals
Joey Zarda  bass, accordian, vocals
Jason Socha  drums, vocals


Berens, Fawcett, Hain, Rearick - 1994

Your Mom hiStorical RecOrd

Chapter I - Easy F
Chapter II - Life at the speed of Rock
Chapter III - The Blackest Walnut
Chapter IV - Tearing and Merging
Chapter V - Something Really Obvious

Chapter I
Easy F

April 1993 Your Mom is born from the vagahaweenuses of guitarist Jon Hain, keyboardist Stephanie Rearick, drummer David Fawcett, and bassist Jenny Grether

May 1993 The young group writes what is to become their first hit, Easy F (now known as Netboy)

July 11, 1993 In the first of many shake-ups, the band is forced to fire bassist Jenny Grether after she appears nude in High Society magazine. "Thats just not the image we wanted for the band," says guitarist Jon Hain, "There we were, busting our asses to put together a show we could be proud to take into our nation's malls and retirement centers, and suddenly Jenny shows up basically naked. It was horrifying. I was the first to see the pictures, as I subscribe, so I called a band meeting right away."

August, 1993 Justin Berens (aka "Aunt Doris") replaces Grether on bass

November 3, 1993 The world witnesses, for the first time, the mad genius that is the Your Mom. The Your Mom opens for The Merkins at Madison's Wil-Mar Center

December 1995 The Royal Jelly is released on Fish-Eye Records

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Chapter II Life at the speed of Rock

    Soon after the release of The Royal Jelly, things became difficult for the band. The success of the album took a toll on the young rockers in a way no one expected: the bags of money became too heavy to carry. The band was forced to open whatAn old picture of the band music industry insiders playfully refer to as a "bank account". The whirlwind of change was too much for bassist Berens, who left the group for the peace and quiet of Oshkosh, WI. Only two days after Justin had put in his notice, drummer David Fawcett announced he would be leaving for San Francisco to allow him the oppurtunity to explore his fashion options. Only Rearick and Hain remained to salvage the scraps of Your Mom.

July 1995 After two months of auditions, Eric Peters signs on as drummer and Yohan DeBlisster of Goo Hut is hired to play bass.

January 1996 What Possesses You, the hit single from The Royal Jelly, is chosen to round out the soundtrack of indie film Country Goat, City Car. The song provides background for the climactic scene in which the goat makes love to the car. (goat car sex)

Fall 1996 Life at the speed of rock is, as many "youngsters" these days are finding out, is not all drugs and groupies. After a brutal year of touring in support of The Royal Jelly, drummer Eric Peters had had enough. He left the band to study Gambado at the racing track. Rather than fill the drum throne in the conventional manner, Jon, Stephanie, and Yohan decide on percussionist Jeff Scott, well known in the Madison music community for his conga prowess.

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Chapter III The Blackest Walnut

Another old picture June 26, 1997 Unaware of the danger, bassist Yohan DeBlisster relieves himself from the platform of a Chicago subway station. As his urine strikes the third rail, DeBlisster becomes the path of least resistance for over 400 volts of electricity. He suffers in a coma for days, speaking only once (in a savant trance), "it is like a bull moose in the woods." Your Mom is emotionally destroyed by the event.  Scott weeps at the sight of butterflies and sunflowers.

August 1997 Under pressure to fulfill at least some of their schedule obligations for the summer and fall, Your Mom begins auditions to replace DeBlisster. "It was so hard," comments keyboardist Stephanie Rearick, "Yohan had barely stopped smoking before the suits were riding our asses to replace him. I couldnt even sing through the first few auditions because I would start to cry."

August 23, 1997 In an unexpected revelation, it is discovered that Joey Zarda, long time van and bus driver for the band, has been secretly studying Rearick's songwriting. Zarda requests an audition and is hired on the spot. And he still does most of the driving.

September 1997 A California Christian metal band also named Your Mom threatens to sue if the Madison Your Mom doesnt change their name. After much debate, the quizzical SRO is added.

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Chapter IV Tearing and Merging

Fall 1997 Perhaps to relieve the tension, perhaps to capture the raw emotion, the band retreats into the studio with producer Brian Daly. Lacking a drummer, the band hires John Driscoll of Madisons Verb! to play on the studio tracks. The rhythmic combination of Driscoll, Scott, and Zarda propels the band into a new realm of rock, and into the madness that will become Lizards & Stars.Driscoll, Hain, Rearick, Scott, Zarda - 1997

December 1997 Lizards & Stars is released on Fish-Eye

March 1998 Unwilling to stay with the group beyond the studio, John Driscoll shuffles off into the morning. He is replaced within minutes by Jason Socha, formerly a drunken unicorn.

April 17, 1998 Touring begins in support of Lizards & Stars

August 19, 1998 Your Mom SRO has the honor of performing at the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival in Marquette, Michigan. Generally a folk and bluegrass festival, the Hiawatha decides to schedule a rock band for the kids. The kids, some for the first time, indeed experience rock.

May 4 1999 The Tasting Room, Milwaukee Citing his need to seek the "Orange" of nature, percussionist Jeff Scott announces to the band that this will be his last show.

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Chapter V Something Really Obvious

Summer, 1999 After some discussion, and realizing how much more room there would be in the van, the band decides to forgo replacing Scott and continue on as a foursome.

January 2000 With Chicago producer/engineer/virtuoso/madman Jeff Kowalkowski at the helm, the band begins work on their third studio project

Late 2000 After doing recording both in Chicago (Splinter Group) and at Mondo Wilson in Madison, Your Mom SRO feels no closer to completion of their "album."

February 2001 The band does four days of tracking at Beeftone (Madison) with Studio Earth Remote. It is believed that good tape exists now for all the songs that ougth to be on the new CD. And some that ought not see the light of day (oh, Billie Jean.)

April 14, 2001: The new CD (working title Coma Savant) is scheduled for local release in mid 2001. Time passes and it is decided that all the recording to date needs to be scrapped. In other news, a new, safer van was acquired which opens up the possibility of touring.

August 2001 The band spends 4 days in New Berlin at Broken Horsey Studio with Ed Reardon engineering and producing and the lovely Jenny Hanson cooking and generally keeping our spirits up with tales of underwear and the like. This session goes great and Ed heads back to Chicago to begin the mixes. It is now believed that all tracks exist for the new CD. Discussion begins about changing the name of the band for the new release.

October 11, 2001 Stephanie announces the new band name, The Coma Savants at her Madison CD Release party for her solo album, The Long Picnic.

Please stay tuned..

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