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royal jelly CD live mother fools CD
Royal Jelly Lizards & Stars Live at
Mother Fool's
Volume 1
Under The Sun
Music of Madison's Festivals
Volume 2

The Royal Jelly

"The Royal Jelly" was released in December, 1995, shortly before our original drummer, David Fawcett, moved to San Fransisco. This CD was recorded at (The old) Optisonic Studio by Brian Daly. This version of "What Possesses You" was used in the soundtrack to the film, "Country Goat, City Car." You can hear the lovely strains of Your Mom SRO as you watch a live action sex scene between a goat and a car.


Stephanie Rearick:keyboard,trumpet,vocals
Jon Hain:guitar,vocals
Justin Berens:bass,vocals
David Fawcett:drums,vocals
Kimmerle Green:tambourine on "Mirror"
  1.  Mirror
  2.  Glass
  3.  Hemingway's Secret Mansion
  4.  Lower The Boom
  5.  What Possesses You
  6.  Dissolving View
  7.  Ozone
  8.  Gumbo-Limbo
  9.  Netgirl

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royal jelly CD


Lizards & Stars

"Lizards & Stars" was released in late 1997. It was recorded by Brian Daly at Optisonic Studios over Labor Day weekend with the exception of track 13, "Tearing and Merging." This track (which is based on the Russell Edson poem, "...the tearing and merging of clouds") was recorded live at Weird Out In The Woods by Studio Earth Remote. It features a special guest performance by pSteve Wessing. Read reviews of this CD

lizards and stars


  1.  Circular Reasoning
  2.  Jeopardy
  3.  Fiberglass Panties
  4.  Happy-Go-Lucky
  5.  Culty's
  6.  Erotomania
  7.  Wading
  8.  14    
  9.  Lizards & Stars
  10. Out Of Breath
  11. Sleepless Years
  12. Tida
  13. Tearing and Merging


Stephanie Rearick:keyboard,trumpet,vocals
Jon Hain:guitar,vocals
Joey Zarda:bass,vocals
Jeff Scott:congas,percussion,vocals
John Driscoll:drums,percussion
David Fawcett:One More Time Nows
Culty's Women and Boychoir:
 Jenny Ebert, Sabrina Felson, 
 John Wagnitz, Rebecca Quigley, 
 Mary Driscoll, Darcy Haber


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Live at Mother Fool's

live mother fools CD


"Live at Mother Fool's" was released in November of 1996. It is a compilation of live recordings of various artists' performances that took place at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse. It contains a solo version of "Wading" by Stephanie Rearick. This was recorded shortly after the song was written. The disc also has a version of "What Possesses You." The line-up for the show was Stephanie Rearick, Jon Hain, Yohan DeBlisster, and Eric Peters. This was Eric's last show with us and this is the only recording available of that line-up.

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Under The Sun
Music of Madison's Outdoor Summer Festivals

During the summer of 1997, Studio Earth Remote Recording spent many hours recording as many performances as possible at Madison's outdoor festivals. Recorded at Willy St. Fair. The line-up for that show was Stephanie Rearick, Jon Hain, John Driscoll, and Joey Zarda.

The disc is a joint project of Fish-Eye Records and Uvulittle Records.

For more information on this disc, go here.

Artists on the disc

  1. Honor Among Thieves
  2. Sotavento
  3. Las Toallitas
  4. Your Mom SRO
  5. El Donk
  6. Hanah Jon Taylor
  7. Lou & Peter Berryman
  8. Cork 'n' Bottle String Band
  9. Elizabeth Schaefer Band
  10. The Quickies
  11. Rhoda
  12. Natty Nation

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Weedstock, Volume 1

"Weedstock, Volume 1" was released in January, 1998. It is all live recordings of performances from the Weedstock Festival held over Memorial Day Weekend. Our track is a version of "Glass." The line-up at this show was Stephanie Rearick, Jon Hain, Jeff Scott, and Yohan DeBlisster.
 1. Dave Pankin Band - 
    Up Around The Corner
 2. Headpump - Xyxxoxx
 3. Crew Jam - Melting Point 420
 4. Drum Circle
 5. Baked Potato - Anger
 6. Your Mom SRO - Glass
 7. Bongzilla - Smoke
 8. El Donk - Smoke On The Compound
 9. Las Toallitas - As Above
10. Bradley Fish's Aquarium 
    Conspiracy - Blinded By The Media
11. Hanah Jon Taylor Artet - 
		  Mystic: As A Child
12. ST-37 - Hallo Hero
13. The Outside Orchestra - 
		  Talkin' In Tongues
14. Electric Medicine and Friends - 
		  Sound Collage/CIA Jam 
15. Groove Union - Freakshow

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Weedstock, Volume 2

"Weedstock, Volume 2" was released in Spring of 1999. It is all live recordings of performances from the Weedstock Festival held over Memorial Day Weekend. Our track is an instrumental excerpt from a version of Netgirl. It is an odd little bit where we go into a "Joy To The World" style jam. (Like the hymn, not Three Dog Night.) The line-up at this show was Stephanie Rearick, Jon Hain, Joey Zarda, and Jason Socha.

A mp3 of this song is freely available here.

 1. Entrance - Welcome to Weedstock
 2 and 3.  Bradley Fish & Friends - Old MacDonald
 4. Natty Nation - Glorify Rastafari / I Love Marijuana
 5. Boney Fingers - Kind Factory
 6. David Peel - Hippy From New York City
 7. Smoked Fish - Lobotomy
 8. Hanah Jon Taylor Artet - Th Out There Factor
 9. Cognitive Dissonance - Underground
10. Dave Rovics - Robbing Banks
11. Your Mom SRO - Joy To The World / Netgirl
12. Bongzilla - Grog Lady
13. Electric Medicine - Funeral For The Electronic Policeman
14. Exit - Have a Great Trip!

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