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Lovelovelovelove STOP lovelovelove

The Crooked Mouth

Third release by Chicago's The Crooked Mouth.

Sharp, confident and rollicking. LoveloveloveloveSTOPlovelovelove shows off the band's new line-up to good effect. The songs are focused, intelligent and funny. The musicianship tasteful and just slightly off-kilter. The arrangements show off a playfulness that only comes with the confidence gained from hundreds and hundreds of gigs. As always, Crooked Mouth... [read more]


Music for the times

Stephanie Rearick


I've been on a 5-week road trip, mostly for work (developing Mutual Aid Networks http://mutualaidnetwork.org - check it out!) with one or two shows thrown in.

On the road I happened to listen to my old band's (The Coma Savants) CD, Coma Savant, for the first time in years. I really loved it. And realized it's really topical right now. Songs about the... [read more]


Music for the times

Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick picked a handful of her albums that thematically go together. We're offering it as a variable price digital download. Pay any amount from $1 - $1,000,000.

music of mine that's feeling particularly relevant at the moment, considering the state of the world (both good and bad)

[more info]... [read more]


Live at Juicy John Pink's - October 9, 1976

Susan & Richard Thomas

This 2 Disc album is a live concert from Juicy John Pink's, one of the premier acoustic music venues in the Chicago area during the mid 70's. Susan and RIchard Thomas were a husband and wife duo who were known and loved for the beauty of Susan's singing and songwriting, Richard's exquisite guitar work, and the wonderful way in which their voices blended and harmonized.

This is the second in our "Juicy... [read more]

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