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Ritt Deitz Trio at High Noon Saloon this Tuesday

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 6:00pm

Ritt Deitz

High Noon Saloon


Acoustic Wisco-kentuckiana starting at 6pm. Guitars, banjos, hammered dulcimer, bass, backing vocalist Lindsey Hinkel, Wilder Deitz sneaks away from the Wilder Deitz Trio to join us on bass.

Special guest: Jean-Michel Pache, of Geneva rockers THE CRAGS, on mandolin on a couple of tunes.

After our set, stick around for Rock Star Gomeroke, featuring guitarist Steve Burke...... [more]

Ritt Deitz Trio opens for The Potter's Field at Mother Fools

Hey everyone,

I have been in touch with The Potter's Field over in lovely Michigan, and we're all looking forward to our show with them in Madison next weekend. And looking forward to seeing you, if you can make it.

Here are the details:

Ritt Deitz Trio, opening for The Potter's Field
Mother Fool's
1101 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703
8pm sharp
$7 cover

We'll play a 45-minute set, followed by the PF's set of about the same length. All... [more]

Ritt Deitz news / shows

Hello acoustic music fans,

I’ve been rehearsing with the trio and am looking forward to a show in
Madison early next month:

with guests RITT DEITZ TRIO
Saturday, October 5th
Mother Fools
1101 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703
$7 at the door

The Potter’s Field is a lovely touring acoustic duo from Michigan, who you can hear here (http://thepottersfield.... [more]

RITT DEITZ FAMILY at Mother Fool's April 5

O Lovers of Music,

Come out to hear us play at Mother Fool's in Madison, Wisconsin, on Friday evening, April 5th. Ritt Deitz Family Format, bunch of new tunes, too. Six bucks, all ages.

w/Boo Bradley
Friday, April 5
Mother Fool's
1101 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703

Only love is stronger than music,

Ritt Deitz at Wild Hog in the Woods this Friday Night

Hi folks,

Just a quick reminder that I'll be playing a show at the Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse series this Friday night, February 8th, in Madison, Wisconsin. Some family and friends will appear as guest players, including (at least) Wilder Deitz and Dave "Hammer Dulcimer Hero" Foss.

A few people asked me very kindly to remind them of this show, so here you are:

Friday, Feb. 8
8 pm
$2 members, $3 non-members
2 sets (show lasts until between 10 and... [more]

Ritt Deitz live at Wild Hog in the Woods

Hi showgoers,

Disrupting the cold-air quiet a little on Friday night, February 8th, with a solo show at the Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse series in Madison, Wisconsin. Story songs, some from a new album working on for 2014 release at Uvulittle Records.

Friday night, 2/8/13
8pm (two sets)
Wild Hog in the Woods at the Wil-Mar Center
953 Jenifer Street
Madison, WI 53703

http://www.wildhoginthewoods.org... [more]

New Ritt Deitz tune, "Whippersnappers"

Hi friends,

I wrote a new little tune as sheet music, posted it a couple of weeks ago on my blog. A neighbor--and fellow Kentuckian--expressed interest in playing a version of it with me, so we recorded it tonight in my living room on a couple of banjos. Son Wilder Deitz on the upright bass.

Please enjoy. It's what we call a little ditty:


Not a holiday song, but do have a happy holiday.... [more]

Beck Inspires New Release from Ritt Deitz, Old-School

Hi Music Fans,

Always suspicious of scenes and hipsters, I was nonetheless intrigued by Beck's new "album"--called SONG READER--because it's really not an album at all. It's a collection of new songs he has released as sheet music only.

I did my own little hillbilly version of this, this morning on my blog, The How-To Humanist. Feel free to read about how Beck unwittingly inspired me to go all 1904 on you:

... [more]

Big show next Friday in Kentucky

Hey you all,

Ritt Deitz Family Explosion Roots Acoustic Hoedown Friday 11/23, sandwiched in between a lovely solo set by Justin Lynch (formerly of Wojo) and Ritt's 1982-86 band, the Qubes.

Friday, 11/23
Doors and bar open at 7pm
All ages
The Carriage House at Little Britain
5307 B Idlewild Road
Burlington, Kentucky 41005

Check out live recordings from tonight (http://www.... [more]

Ritt Deitz Family at Village Booksmith This Friday

Ritt Deitz Family plays the Village Booksmith this Friday night, October 5, on the Courthouse Square in Baraboo, Wisconsin. One of our favorite listening rooms, with a baby grand piano, candles on the table, and Nelly the Golden Retriever relaxing on an armchair. Books everywhere, lights low, acoustic music is just what the doctor ordered.

Friday, October 5
7:30 pm
526 Oak Street
Baraboo, Wisconsin
No cover


How to record a live record


Until we meet again in some live music venue, I hope you enjoy this blog about making music with your friends. Live music is best, but there are reasons words like "album" and "record" have everything to do with making history. Small-scale history, the best kind.


Only love is stronger than music... [more]

Ritt Deitz blog and music

Hi music friends,

Hope you are well. Currently in musical hiding, working on some new songs and also playing a bunch of banjo with collaborators. Look for it to come out live before long, as the arsenal gets stringier all the time. Simplicity remains the order of the day, though, and I hope we can make some new beautiful music--which you'll enjoy, I also hope.

No shows for the summer, at the moment, except for a little sacred music at Plymouth UCC church in Madison on July... [more]

music, thoughts..

Hi music pals,

A couple of offerings for you.

Check out a little “gritty yet polished” show we did in Madison, now available for viewing/listening in its entirety online:


And a little essay I posted this morning on my blog. It’s called “Johnny Cash’s Asthma and the How-To Humanists”:

... [more]

Show, blog

Hi music fans,

Just a quick email to let you know I'll be playing a show at the Village Booksmith this Friday night, on the Courthouse Square in Baraboo, Wisconsin. I'll be joined by hammer dulcimer player Dave Foss and my daughter Ella for several songs. Wilder Deitz opens. 7pm.

I have also started a blog, about how people make art and practice what schools call "the humanities"... but in the real world, outside of school. It's a brand-new blog, called "The How-To Humanist... [more]

RITT DEITZ FAMILY with guest Nicole Udriot

Hi friends,

Come out this Friday night, to one of Madison's best folk listening rooms, for some sweet acoustic roots music that rolls like any of the many rivers of the Ohio River and Mississippi River watersheds. We'll play some from my last record, POP, and a bunch from the previous Bentback and Uvulittle releases many of you have enjoyed, plus a few covers. Nicole Udriot is a singer-songwriter with roots in both Switzerland and the mountains of North Carolina, and she and her... [more]

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